I told you so, now WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Have you heard of TTIP? No?
Then you have some reading to do. TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) a so called trade pact between the USA and Europe, which is being negotiated in strictest secrecy, would hand global corporations the power to sue governments and overturn laws (such as consumer protection laws) they feel are obstructing their ability to make profits.

A new People’s Movement (Ireland) pamphlet explains how the EU-US trade and investment treaty threatens democracy, would attack workers’ rights, erode social standards and environmental regulations, dilute food safety rules, undermine regulations on the use of toxic chemicals, rubbish digital privacy laws, and strangle developing economies.

Needless to say all political leaders in nations involved and all major political parties are fully supportive of it. Individual elected representatives and associations of small businesses and employers are waking up to it and even mainstream media are starting to understand it would prevent them printing anything certain corporate interests did not like no matter how much proof existed that the story is true.


A copy (356 Kb)of the pamphlet in PDF format is available for free download

Click to access ttip.pdf

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