Only Prostitutes Can Save The European Project

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Entrepreneurs working to boost economic growth (source)

Some time ago our minds were boggled by the news that according to European Union economists prostitutes were the economic driving force behind the much hyped ‘recovery’ in the Eurozone economies.

Faced with deflation, stagnant economic performance, rising unemployment and mounting civil unrest, the Academic Village idiots who advise governments on how to run national economies ans who all believe that two and two can equal five if you just wish hard enough, hit on the idea of including in GDP figures the amount of money turned over in illegal activities including prostitution, drug peddling, alcohol and tobacco smuggling, internet scams and illicit gambling should be included in the GDP figure.

The six per cent added to GDP to cover illegal trade is not a reliable figure however, prostitutes, pimps, pushers and con men are not known for filing accounts or registering their business for VAT.

The move is a further sign that panic and desperation are the main drivers of the Eurozone Ponzi scheme. EU bosses have demanded the bloc includes all illegal activity to boost lagging GDP performance.

Prostitution, drug trafficking and other illegal activities have boosted Spain’s gross domestic product by €9 billion according to the latest statistics.

Overall, when the GDP figures are adjusted to inclued (del>made up bullshit data from mathematical models estimating illicit activity Spain’s GDP increased by €26.2 billion to €1.05 trillion, reducing country’s debt ratio of 98.9 percent to 96.4 percent, according to the Bank of Spain. Italy and Germany are to include illegal activity within weeks into GDP figures with an expectation of an increase of at least 3% each.

People should remember here that GDP does not measure prosperity but only how much money churns around the economy. This was how by using Ballsonomics and mass immigration the Labour Government managed to create the illusion that the economy was health. The reasoning was that if you recruit a million immigrants, borrow money on the finance markets to pay them £100 a week and hand it out in benefits to the aforementioned immigrants, the economy will have grown by £100million a week.

And if you wisely point out that the debt, on which we must pay interest has also grown by £100million a week, they wave their PhD* at you and scream, “You’re not an economists so you can’t understand economics.”

*PhD stands for Phenomenally Dumb – take it from someone who does understand economics thanks to a combination of education and real world experience.

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