Is Turkey Being Used To Kick Off WWIII By Washington?

 The shooting down of A Russian bomber, without due cause (the plane never crossed into Turkish airspace) a couple of weeks ago, the outing of Turkey as the main buyer of ISIS oil and middle man in the supply of US arms and ammunition to the terrorists, two naval incidents involving Russian and Turkish ships, one in The Aegean and one in The Black Sea. And now more evidence emerges that Turkey is being used by Washington in its attempts to provoke Russia into firing the shot that will echo around the world and kick off global conflict.

The Washington hawks are playing a very dangerous game here. We know that Russia has military technology in advance of what the USA has (but hey, the US is streets ahead in terms of equal rights for gay soldiers) and Chinas, as Russia’s ally bound to join and conflict in support of Moscow, is even further ahead, while Iran is a significant military power.
If a shooting war does start, the odds against a western victory would have to be very long before I would risk a bet.



Obama More Concerned Islamists’ Rights Than Protecting America

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