Visa Free Travel For Human Rights Abusing Turkey?EU Will Do Whatever Erdogan Tells It to.

As EU nations threaten to veto the deal made by the EU Commission and Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel with Turkey that will pay the Turkish government €billions and fast track full European Union for the Asian nation that has recently broken international law by tradng with and supporting the terrorist group ISIS, and has also launched numberous attacks on the Kurds, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lashed out at the EU for telling Ankara to change its terror laws if it wants a visa-free regime.

“We will go our way, you go yours,” he said on Friday in a televised speech, stressing that Turkey was under a terrorist threat.

For reasons we will probably never know, Merkel and the EU’s bureaucratic dictators are so desperate to suck up to the terrorist state of Turkey and its gangster president they have caved in to every act of blackmail. And like all blackmailers, the crook Erdogan keeps coming back for more.

Professor of political science at the University of Utah Hakan Yavuz told Radio Sputnik that the EU leadership will be unable to change Ankara’s policy. He noted that both Brussels and Turkey had acted unethically.

“Davutoglu was picked and made advisor, then foreign minister and then prime minster by Erdogan and this time he fired him as well. Davutoglu never had local power and whatever power he did have it depended on Erdogan.”

“The president felt threatened or he felt that Davutoglu might challenge his authority because Turkey is not a presidential system, it is a parliamentary system and Erdogan wants to be a supreme leader of the county. He wants to be the supreme president and run every aspect of Turkish politics,” Yavuz said.

The analyst mentioned that Turkey may soon be facing a constitutional crisis as Erdogan contunuously overreached his constitutional role.

Politicians from Germany’s ruling coalition also voiced their concerns over Davutoglu’s decision to resign but Merkel, afflicted it seems by that mental illness which causes all powerful politicians to eventually believe they are God, long ago gave up listenting to members of her party. The German delegation said that Davutoglu’s departure will pave the way for the country’s president to rule unchecked.

“In my opinion the European Union will do whatever Erdogan tells them to do. The EU is in no position to dictate anything to Erdogan given the political situation over the last two years. I don’t consider Davutoglu more liberal. I think there was a difference between Erdogan and Davutoglu in terms of how they wanted to implement their vision over domestic and foreign policy, but seeing Davutoglu’s articles and publications I would consider him to be more ideological, more Islamist than Erdogan himself,” Yavuz said.

The analyst further spoke about the relations between Erdogan and the EU. According to him, as long as Merkel supports Erdogan, the EU will not change its position or suggest any policy change to Erdogan. Merkel is as obsessed with admitting Turkey to full EU membership as she is with the policy of allowing so many third world immigarants into her country the Germans will be displaced as the ethnic majority.


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