Without His Teleprompter Obama Becomes A Gibbering Idiot

That Barack Hussein Obama, a man hailed by many for his towering intellect, inspirational oratory and soaring rhetoric is in fact a gibbering idiot when required to address an audience without a teleprompter to feed him words is not news, I was writing satirical blog posts on the subject back in 2008.

Then of course nobody was allowed to tell the truth about Obama, his shallowness and inarticulacy, the only reason anyone would say anything negative about him was racism, his critics could not stand the idea of a black man in The White House, we were told. Obama commented with his usual erudition, “Dem Whitey am all wee weed up,” or something.

Eight years of his failed presidency later Obama does not enjoy such protection. So somewhat belatedly here is proof that I and others who noticed how dependent the great orator was on his teleprompter were right all along. And as we are referring to an American president I suppose we can call it another home run for the conspiracy theorists If the embedded video does not show up here’s a direct link, don’t miss this it’s hilarious.

Obama’s Farewell – The World Breathes A Sigh Of Relief
Don’t call me a conspiracy theorist
Conspiracy theorists are sane
Conspiracy theories that turned out to be true
Conspiracy deniers silenced
More conspiracy theory truth
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Obama jihad against western values
NWO in the regime change business
West’s lies try to justify war against Russia

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