Telford Grooming Scandal: Former Social Services Boss, Local Lawmakers Exposed as Paedophiles

Three former Telford city councillors, including the city cabinet member responsible for the social services department, all of whom served during the town’s Muslim sex abuse gang epidemic, have been exposed as sex offenders.

Graham Bould, 60, has a convicted from 2001 for sexually activity with a 15-year-old boy during the early 1980s. Bould served as chairman of Shropshire County Council social services department from 1993 to 1998 – when the issue of mainly white girls being groomed and then treated as sex slaves by Pakistani Muslim men was at its height.

Bould’s victim was also sexually assaulted by Anglican vicar and county councillor Michael Keen, 78, a member of the Police Authority committe. He was also found guilty in 2001.

Keen was sentenced to 15 months in jail but Bould avoided a custodial sentence by admitting to sexually assaulting an underage person.

In a separate case, Graham White, 75, was convicted of taking indecent images of a 14-year-old girl in 2004.

The uncle of grooming gang victim Lucy Lowe called the revelations, exposed by The Mirror on Sunday, as “mindblowing” and “disgraceful”.

“We always wanted to know why social services didn’t get involved in dealing with Lucy’s abuse. Now we have even more questions,” Ed Lowe, 50, said.

Lucy Lowe’s was just one of an estimated 1,000 girls who were groomed, raped, trafficked for sex, and prostituted. Some were even likked for going to the authorities over the 30-year period by Muslim grooming gangs in the small West Midlands town — one of the biggest scandals of its kind, alongside Rotherham and Rochdale. The corruption in local government and the politically correct attitudes that constrain debate in national government and mainstream media, have meant to involvement of officials and police officers to act against the perpetrators of these crimes has never been fully debated.

Lucy Lowe was groomed and raped by Azhar Ali Mehmood; at the age of 14, and gave birth to a child fathered by him. At 16, again pregnant, Lucy, her sister, and her mother were killed in a house fire started by the utterly charming Mehmood, then 26, in August 2000.

At the time of Mehmood’s conviction for murder, the BBC, somewhat insensitivly as one would expect from a bunch of rabid lefties, referred to Lucy as his “girlfriend“. The BBC’s failure to fully report the case is typical of mainstream media which is packed with university brainwashed lefties to the extent that crimes committed by dark skinned people are routinely ignored or excused.

Only recently, after these cases, which follow a pattern repeated from Glasgow in Scotland to Brighton on the south coast, were brough to light by alt_media writers, has there been any action. Regional newspaper The Express and Star in campaigning for an independent inquiry, reported that Telford authorities had allegedly dropped cases because they were “too much trouble” and blamed the victims for their own abuse. Whistleblowers also alleged they were forced out of their jobs and silenced for attempting to raise the alarm. Weekly paper The Shropshire Star alleges that fear of being branded racist played a part in the authorities covering up the crimes rather than investigating them and punishing perpetrators.

Earlier this month, Telford authorities bowed to public pressure and agreed to commission an independent inquiry into historic child sexual exploitation. However, victims in cases of CSE from as recently as 2016 have accused Telford authorities of still failing to tackle the crime. Again this follows the pattern set in Rochdale and Rotherham, where despite inquiries, sackings and official posturing, locals say the grooming and abuse is still going on.

Reports in The Daily Mirror and other newspapers report that documents dating from the 1990s prove that council social workers were aware of the growing abuse scandal but claimed to not “understand” the problem. The culture of political correctness at all levels in the public sector and the alleged cover-up in the small town echoes that of the Rotherham and Rochdale grooming gang scandals, where authorities were accused of operating within a culture of political correctness and failed to act for fear of being labelled racist.

Victims in the other towns also said they were ignored, accused of racism and were even considered complicit in their abuse, and whistleblowers claim they were silenced.

Rape Gang Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Oxford School Girl
Following on from a previous report on this page, about an Oxford grooming gang that lured young girls to their “shag wagon”, three men have been now been found guilty of historic sexual offences against an Oxford school girl who was groomed and raped from the age of 14.

Top Academic: Muslims Would Not Tolerate Multiculturalism in Islamic Countries
Leading Iranian academic Afshin Ellian has warned that cultural Marxist delusions of “multiculturalism” are a one-way street as left wing activist in the secular Christian nations of the west clamour for appeasement of Islamic extremists. Muslims in Europe oppress historic minorities in their own lands and have no intention of showing “tolerance”

German Justice Minister Runs From Stage As Angry Audience Members Yell “TRAITOR!”
The peoples’ pushback against European federalisation and genocide of Europe’s white working classes by flooding nation states with third world immigrants continues to gather pace as, with the onset of warmer weather, the flow of illegal immigrants into Europe starts to increase towards last year’s levels.

Failed Immigration Policy Threatens Press Freedom In Sweden
Stockholm: Beautiful, civilised Sweden being turned into a third world cesspit by idiotic socialist politics and barbaric immigrants …

Immigrant criminals and Swedish criminals are viewed differently in the eyes of Swedish law.
We ask why it is, in Sweden, that when a Swede kills two immigrants it is an act of terrorism that shames the nation, but when an African immigrant kills a Swedish mother and her young child, in the eyes of the government it is somehow the victim’s fault? The big concern is that, given the desperation of our Conservtive and Labour party leaders to make us more European, such politically correct insanity will be inflicted in Britain next

Germans Cheer As Refugee Center Burns
After a remarkable degree of restraint and tolerance was demonstrated by residents of EU cities where the refugees are being dumped in hostels, fed, clothed and given spending money, all funded by European taxes, the attacks that left 130 people dead in Paris in November and the string of sexual assaults that swept Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve have been the straw that has broken the camels back.

German Government To ‘Create’ 100,000 Subsidised Migrant Jobs That ‘Pay’ Just €1 An Hour
The German government has announced plans to spend nearly € half a billion on creating 100,000 heavily subsidised jobs for unemployed migrants. Or to put it another way, Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel is going to pay migrants with taxpayers money to turn up at recreational centers and watch TV or play pool while pretending to do these make believe jobs.

Labour MP Says Cologne Sex Attacks ‘Very Similiar’ to Normal Weekend in Birmingham
Speaking as a panelist on BBC television’s political debate show Question Time on Thursday 28 January, Labour MP Jess Phillips said the mass sex attacks which took place in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve 2016 were no worse than an average weekend night in Birmingham UK

Watch two Finnish shopgirls out a couple of male Muslim shoplifters.
Arthur’s introduction (in his usual inimitable style) to this video from Finland might offend some people, but the attitude of Muslim immigrants that they can just walk into shops and take what they want, force themselves on women whenever they please, molest young children and tel us how to run our countries in Europe needs to be challenged.

Islamification Of Germany: Regensburg City Council Considers ‘Women-Only’ Transportation
Public segregation of men and women, women only buses, segregated sessions at the swimming pool. European politicians have betrayed the people of Europe and are giving away our traditional freedoms in order to appease bestiali Muslim immigrants.

Are The Ruling Elites waking Up At Last To The Problems Cause By Mass Muslim Immigration?
The WEF had been dubbed Bilderberg Lite, a meeting to which the public (assuming they can afford £$€stupid for a cup of very mediocre coffee) is talking about a different matter this time round. Europe’s immigration crisis and the similar though not so immediate problem in the USA, and the likely consequences for the economies of the developed world is top of the agenda.

German Feminist Says Authorities Covered Up Muslim Sex Crime For Twenty Years
… a leading German feminist, Alice Schwarzer, has said the politically correct “bubble has burst” and Germans should speak out against Islamic extremism and refusal to respect German and European traditions. She claimed German police have been covering up the rape culture of Muslim males for 20 years, and said that sexual violence was now being used as a weapon of war in Germany.

Women Fear To Go Out Alone In Danish Town Due to Migrant Assaults
Numerous instances of young girls being sexually harassed or intimidated by Muslim migrants have provoked the citizens of Thisted a town into realized the Islamophiliac elite will do nothing to help and the people must take the law into their own hands or accept Sharia Law.

London gangs ‘pressuring 9yo girls into group sex’ – UK Home Office report
A new report from the UK Home Office, the government department that deals with law and order reveals that the street gang culture imported along with these illegal immigrants has led to girls as young as nine unlucky enough to live in areas ‘controlled’ by these gangs are being sexually exploited and forced to service multiple men, after being groomed to think such behaviour is ‘normal’.

Sharia courts creating dual justice system in UK?
As if we did not have enough immigration problems to deal with as the inflow of illegal immigrants (or refugees and asylum seekers as our ruling elites insist on calling them) shows no sign of slowing.

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