More Woe For France’s Macron,Now Gilets Jaunes Joined By Gilets Bleus

Macron fiddles with himself while Frsnce burns (Picture: express)

Travellers in France, mainly around Paris, have been hit by delays at airports as French police slowed down passport controls in a protest over overtime pay. As we predicted last weekend, the Yellow Vests protestors are now being supported by the police service.

The first action by the “blue vest” protest movement took place today as the police work to rule caused long queues of waiting passengers at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Airport officials said the slow-down was currently only affecting Terminal 1, adding that police were working but taking their time with “deep checks” of passengers. Elsewhere in Paris, some police stations were responding only to emergencies as police continued to negotiate with the government for extra cash for working additional hours at the recent “yellow vest” protests.

The action represents another blow for beleaguered President Emmanuel Macron following five consecutive weekends of often violent “yellow vest” protests across France have hit the economy and disrupted business and social activities.

Scores of police officers injured since the citizen-driven “yellow vest” movement was launched in mid-November, have exacerbated discontent in the service. Police unions have complained about working conditions and what they refer to as strained resources due officers have been sent in to clear roadblocks and restrain violent thugs who have joined street demonstrations to stir chaos and provoke police.

This is on top of police anger at the government’s failure to act on the general lawlessness among migrants from third world nations who have created no – go zones for the authorities in French cities.

The Alliance police union called on police officers across France to handle only emergencies amid negotiations with the Interior Ministry.

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