London police charge on horseback at George Floyd protesters, who throw bottles …

News from footage from London shows protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement becoming chaotic and dangerous, with police officers on horseback charging at protesters, who take to assaulting the animals.



People are seen running from the officers and throwing bottles, sticks, and even flares at them while the police charge forward. At one point, a police horse broke loose from the officers, creating a scene of chaos among the protesters.

While supporters of far left groups like Antifa, the EkSTINKtion rebellion crusties and the rest of the usual suspects cheered the thugs throwing bottles and other objects at police and the dickheads who thought valdalising a statue of Winston Churchill would strike a blow against racism in the USA, level headed commentators were accusing Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick and London Mayor Sadiq Khan of betraying the city by allowing the protests to go ahead when it was obvious the organisers intended violence and when the justifacation for the protests was based on a false comparision between attitudes of British and American police to black rioters.

Videos shot by onlookers show the horses being assaulted by demonstrators, with one even having a bicycle launched at it. Ironically the rent – a – mob – idiots who were attacking horses will probably be out screaming for human sacrifices at the next Animal Rights protest.

In Parliament Square, a statue of Winston Churchill was also vandalized with spray paint, sparking outrage over the fact that such a desecration occurred on the 76th anniversary of D-Day. A statue of Abraham Lincoln was also targeted, with protesters writing ‘BLM’, the logo of American neo – Nazi group Black Lives Matter plus the names of George Floyd and other black people who died at the hands of police.

American racism now
Living Within The Conspiracy

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