Posh Boy Can’t Explain What He Doesn’t Understand

pfizer lies
selling fascism as capitalism (h/t dividicke.com )

Conservative globalists are screaming that David Cameron must explain why the takeover of British based pharmaceutical corporation Astra Zeneca by American asset strippers and patent thieves Pfizer is a good thing and will benefit the British economy.

There is no chance of Dave succeeding of course, even someone who was being paid shitloads of money by Pfizer could not make a decent case for this takeover. Even Oskar Pistorius’ lawyer could not excuse the track record of Pfizer for breaking pledges given to national governments once they have succeeded in acquiring a takeover target.

Here’s what one Tory globalist was saying (and if you are wondering about Labour’s position on the issue, sorry the party of millionaires, lawyers and elitists have been too busy planning how they will tell us all what to eat and drink and where we can go and what we can do.

Benedict Brogan in The Daily Telegraph reported:

… he would look “very very hard” at the effects of the Pfizer/AstraZ deal, at a stroke joining the queue of otherwise sensible – and some not-so-sensible – politicians who have decided that making noises against it is a smart move. There were plenty of them in the Commons earlier who harangued a calmly effective Vince Cable when he defended the principle of non-interference.

This is not to defend Pfizer. There is nothing to suggest that they are a charity interested in advancing the cause of UK plc. If anything, their record suggests they pump for cash and get out. But let the share price be their judge. If they want to be seen as a company that engages in a form of tax arbitrage by seeking a less onerous jurisdiction to base themselves in, fine. Again, they aren’t a charity. Come to think of that, neither is AstraZeneca, the product itself of a foreign merger in 1999. As George Osborne knows to his cost, UK ownership is no protection against global competition: he got to know the company when it eliminated thousands of jobs in his constituency. More:

Now defending capitalism is one thing, but what the globalists and world view theorists overlook is that what we now have is as far from capitalism as was feudalism with its system of lief and leige.

Pfizer along with the rest of Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Biotech, Big Food and Big Finance are not capitalist enterprises, they are corporatists. Their businesses are not founded on asset backed capital but on debt and fiat money. And as Benito Mussolini said (and he’d know) corporatism and fascism are the same thing.

No wonder the political parties that support Euronaziism are in favour of it.

Y’know one day I will come across some twat with a degree in economics who actually understands how business works … and I won’t know whether to shit or go blind.