Another Scientific Study Debunks Climate Catastrophe Hoax


Sediment from Europe’s oldest lake reveals 1 million years of climate history

Lake Ohrid, located on the border between Albania and North Macedonia, is the oldest lake in Europe. Photo by IvanStojmirov/Wikimedia Commons/CC

Lake Ohrid, located on the border between Albania and North Macedonia, is the oldest lake in Europe. Photo by IvanStojmirov/Wikimedia Commons/CC

Sept. 3 (UPI) — After five years of drilling in Lake Ohrid, Europe’s oldest lake, scientists have extracted sediment cores comprising more than a million years of climate history.

The climate timeline, unprecedented in length, revealed a unique connection between the Mediterranean climate and the African monsoon.

Researchers began studying Lake Ohrid, which is located between Albania and North Macedonia, more than 15 years ago. In 2013, scientists began drilling. The deepest drilling, which occurred several hundred feet beneath the lake’s surface, penetrated more than 1,800 feet underground.

As sediment cores were extracted over the last five years, scientists analyzed their layers for insights into the Mediterranean’s climate, like changes in annual precipitation levels. By comparing the geologic data with the predictions of climate models, scientists were able to calibrate their simulations of climate patterns in the Mediterranean and elsewhere, as well as make connections between different changes — shifts in temperature and rainfall, for example.

“This way, our research helps us to better understand the causes of rain phases and to more accurately assess the effects of climate change for future predictions,” Bernd Wagner, University of Bern geologist, said in a news release.

During their analysis of Lake Ohrid sediments, scientists found evidence of a correlation between periods of warming and increased winter precipitation in the northern Mediterranean. The research — published this week in the journal Nature — also showed warmer temperatures triggered the development of low pressure systems over the western Mediterranean, particularly during autumn. The pattern correlated neatly with the strength and timing of the African monsoon.

The climate timeline, unprecedented in length, revealed a unique connection between the Mediterranean climate and the African monsoon.Researchers began studying Lake Ohrid, which is located between Albania and North Macedonia, more than 15 years ago. In 2013, scientists began drilling. The deepest drilling, which occurred several hundred feet beneath the lake’s surface, penetrated more than 1,800 feet underground …. Continue reading

Boat Migrants Landing in Italy ‘at a Pace Exceeding Anything We’ve Seen Before’

Canada Passes ‘Blasphemy’ Bill To Silence Critics Of Islam

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates 20,484 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea since the beginning of 2017, with numbers now averaging around 3000 per day and increasing as spring brings better weather. These numbers put Italian arrivals well ahead of the total for the first three months of 2015 (10,165) and the first three months of 2016 (18,777) according to IOM – and March 2017 has over a week still to go.

“We have yet to complete March, and we are already racing at a pace of arrivals that has exceeded anything we’ve seen before in the Mediterranean,” IOM spokesman Joel Millman told Reuters.

“This is typical of spring, getting very busy, but it’s not typical to have the numbers be so high this early and the corresponding deaths that go with it.”

Another boatload of immigrants from Africa hoping to get to Italy in this flimsy craft
Another boatload of immigrants heading for Italy (Image source)>

Millman estimated that drowning deaths for the period have increased to around 500, up from 159 last year.

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) has previously confessed that its own activities, as well as the activities of vessels operated by pro-migration NGOs, some of which are funded by billionaire George Soros , seem to be responsible for this rising death toll. Soros has of course vowed to destabilise the western democracies to advance his agenda for a totalitarian global government.

The European Union’s ‘open borders’ approach to the migrant crisis differs sharply from the Australian approach, which sees boats intercepted at sea and either turned back to their country of origin or escorted to offshore processing centres in third countries.

This has acted as a strong disincentive for illegal migrants and the organised crime syndicates that traffick them, and it has now been well over 900 days since the last boat reached Australia.


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Murder By Ostentatious Kindness

This last couple of days the nation has been in a collective fit of wailing and gnashing teeth over a gruesome image of a dead child being carried from the waters of the Mediterranean having drowned when an overcrowded and unseaworthy boat bound for EU territory from Turkey sank.

There had been so much synthetic grief sloshing around you’d think we were all magically turned into scousers by the furry queen Cilla before she left.

And the lefties and progressives and professional screechers have been eager to blame everybody except of course those who are really to blame.

They have blamed David Cameron, George Osborne (and very possibly Ozzy Osbourne because most lefties are too stupid to be aware there is a difference), Ian Duncan Smith, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, me, all my mates and fellow common sense bloggers, Katie Hopkins (and very possibly Katie Price because most lefties are too stupid to be aware there is a difference), Delingpole, Hitchens, Guido, Richard Littlejohn, etc. etc.

And who is to blame for putting a young child, your own young child, on a boat like this?

What kind of irresponsible morons would risk getting on a boat like that themselves, let alone risking the lives of children on it?

The dead kids parents of course. They are the ones to blame.

Let’s just remind ourselves of a few points. The family involved are Syrian right? Right. And they set off from Turkey right? Right again.

And in Turkey Syrian refufees are not in any danger from anybody except perhaps other Syrian refugees.

Now think back to that picture, the dead child was well dressed in western style (possibly Benetton) clothing. The family were not hard up.

So we have a resonably well off family in a place where there is no clear and present danger, risking the life of their young child to get to a place where they will not be welcome. Why? Because the greedy, grasping, idle shits have been told the EU gives citizenship, free houses and free money to foreigners who turn up at the borders and say “I’m a refugee, gimme, gimme, gimme.

The greedy stupid parents, blinded by greed to their own folly killede the child, not me, not nigel Farage or David Cameron, not Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders or Donald Trump.

Complicit in the murder and many thousands of others of course are the stupid leftie and ‘progressive’ shits who have encouraged the human trafficking gangs. Such people thing they are virtuous, caring types, but in reality pathological altruism is the most selfish of all moral philosophies. All such people really care about is the approval of their peers. And so they don’t care a fuck about how many die on the way to the promised land, a place flowing with homes and money, all they care about is that they are seen pretending to care.

UKIPs Nigel Farage say latest boatload of Mediterranean immigrants are welcome in Britain

In an astounding U turn UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said the latest boatload of refugees and economic migrants to be sighted drifting in the Mediterranean need not bother going to Italy or Greece. Farage said the Royal Navy ship HMS Bulwark is steaming at full speed to the location at which the migrants were most recently sighted and he has asked the admiralty to bring them straight to Britain where UKIP will do all they can to ensure work permits and full citizenship are fast tracked.

The migrants were said to be delighted by the news as our picture shows …

(h/t Mike Hart for submitting the photo)

EU exploiting Mediterranen boat crisis to further political agenda

The unelected bureaucrats who run EU stand accused of cynically exploiting the Mediterranean boat people crisis to further it’s European integration program that will result in the national sovereignty of 28 ~(and growing) member states being abolished as they are amalgamated into a single federal superstate.

Although Britain has deployed naval forces to assist in a rescue operation, France and Italy are blocking the mission until Britain agrees to take in thousands of migrants.. This kind of blackmail is typical of the smooth faced bureaucrats who run Europe, in effect they are saying “If you want to offer humanitarian aid you do it on our terms and flood your country with unskilled, illiterate economic migrants (NB not refugees, migrants).”

Last month Britain deployed HMS Bulwark, the Royal Navy’s flagship, and the frigate HMS Kent to assist in operations designed to smash the smuggling rings currently shipping migrants into Europe. Obviously the Euronazis of Brussels do not want to stop the ruthless criminals who are flooding the European continent with migrants. Would we put it past these self serving shits to have done some kind of deal with with the criminals? No we wouldn’t, they’re the type of people who would pimp out their daughters to further their political aims. READ MORE at The Daily Stirrer

I guess what’s really behind this is Merkel and Hollande are pissed off because Dave got his announcement in before they had time to call another summit of leaders, so they could stuff themselves stupid at our expense while they sat around waiting for Obama to call and tell them what to do.

Cameron’s acting independently would be totally unacceptable to the Eurocrats of course, – who does this man think he is FFS? The leader of an independent nation or something?


Mediterranean Boat People Crisis Threatens European Identity
As European leaders gathere for a summit meeting on the Mediterranean Immigrant crisis, Italy’s Matteo Renzi has warned that Europe must find a solution to the ever increasing flow of migrants from third world locations or risk losing its identity.

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EU Refugee Quota Scheme Unravels

The European Union (EU) faces many battles, from the one to stop the single currency system falling apart as nations like Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal find the costs ofr membership outweigh the benefits, to it’s latest, the Mediterranean boat people crisis as more and more people try to cross from North African to Europe illegally, with the help of human tafficking racketeers.
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Still Topless In St Trop.

A trend noted with glee by feminist writers in The Guardian is that women are covering up more on Mediterranean beaches. They say many more women are now prepared to go topless. Being female Guardian writers they proclaim this is a great victory for feminism as women are at last learning they do not have to conform to stereotypes created by male prejudices.

Articles I have read that discuss the topic are full of the usual propaganda disseminated by the Politically Correct Thought Police and the middle class angst so beloved of those who don’t have any real problems in life and have to make up a few so they can go to a shrink like all their flaky mates. These writers claim that women, by putting on a bikini top are reclaiming their bodies. They will be demanding compulsory niqabs in public places next.

In the Boggart Blog newsroom we were intrigued by these reports because we all agreed that each time any of us go to the Med. there are more busty substances than ever on display. To get to the bottom of what is going on we sent our invisible reporter Soft Mick to the French Riviera. He reports thus:

“The cover-up, if it is indeed a cover up” seems to apply only to British women. This may have a lot to do with the recession causing people to adopt a junk food diet or cancel their gym subscriptions. The girls are perhaps not as pert as they would like to be. Among French, German, Italian and Scandinavian holiday makers the trend is to get even more kit off. Perhaps their national economies are even worse hit by the credit crunch and they cannot afford even bikini bottoms or maybe they are hoping for an invitation to one of Don Vito Berlusconi’s elegant

The only place our reporter heard of the presence of bare naked ladies causing a problem was on the beach in front of the Cannes Yacht Club. The club secretary Commodore “Splicer” Mainbrace said, “Dammit, the sight of naked women cavorting on the sand is putting diners in the Terrace Restaurant off their fois gras and poached Bird of Paradise breasts. There are only two things smell of fish so if one has not ordered fish it is the last thing one would wish to smell at the table.”

Nice to know that the wealthy elite are not being brainwashed by politically correct thinking.

Sun, Sand and Sweaty Feet
Sex On The Beach

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