Spotless Minds … and shared databases? Get your Jackboots out.

Spotless Minds – Tomorrow Belongs To Me.

A truly horrifying news story in todays Guardian alerts us at the development odf a pill claimed to erease unpleasant memories. In Spotless Minds this new medication is described as an aid to erasing unpleasant memories. So of course it is a Good Thing and will be embraced as such by the Politically Correct Thought Police, it will be marketed and sold as a psychological medicine something that will help troubled souls forget their traumatic experiences.

Hang on though, everything that happens to us, good or bad, makes us what we are. If this pill can erase bad momories what else may it erase, memories of reading a work of political or religious philosophy? Our memory of the time we spent of a dissident group protesting against nuclear weapons or oppressive government policies?

The direction they are heading in here is just not acceptable. Swedenborg referring to religious attitudes towards sex said “Religion wages war on human nature”; science it seems wants to wage war on everything that makes us human.

Read Ian’s funny and very cutting comment on the news item. Spotless minds – Tomorrow Belongs To Me

Obama hits more troble with cronyism policy.
Remember the kerfuffle last month when the former governor of Illinois, the state for which Barack Obama was junior senator before “ascending to the light?” Governor Rod (blagger) Blagojevich to whom fell the task of appounting a new senator to sit until the next election was caught trying to auction off Obama’s seat in the US senate.

Eventually Rolan Burris, another time server from Chicago’s black political establishment was appointed, Obama’s favourite Jesse Jackson Junior having withdrawn because he could not afford Blagger Blagojevich’s asking price.

Well now, less than a month after being sworn in Burris is being called on to resign because of allegations that he perjured himself in statements to federal investigators about his role in Blagojevich’s corrupt activities as governor.

Looks like the Obama administration is going to be more fun than a cage full of monkeys. Oops, pardon! I can’t believe I just used the word “monkeys” in connection with the Obama administration. I must wash my mouth with soap and water.

Read full story: Burris Strongly Denies Perjury at Huffington Post

Can Catnav stop your cat’s muderoust assault on the local bird population.

One for fatsally this. My little sister harbours a coven of cat’s and turnds a blind eye to the exploits of nature’s answer to The Yorkshire Ripper as her darling little killing machines decimate the local bird population. A new device, catnav, will if it lives up to the makers claims, enable cat owners to keep tabs on the movements of their psychotic pets. We who like watching the pretty birdies in our gardens but hate seeing our feathered friends being murdered and butchered by next door’s Tabby of Terror have a better plan to deal with cats. It involves pepper, untrasonic devices and an air pistol.

8 thoughts on “Spotless Minds … and shared databases? Get your Jackboots out.

  1. Hey, I take objection to the “psychotic cats” jibe. After all Mother is still alive!
    Anyway, Hamish the Ratcatcher has given up on birds, our local population consists mainly of magpies and pheasants. The magpies he leaves alone cos they look like his black and white friend L.C., the pheasants he just can’t catch, what with his dodgy hip and all.
    (Hamish was kicked so hard as a kitten it splintered his hip, which the vet repaired by removing the ‘femoral head’, leaving Hamish with one rear leg slightly shorter than the other. So if he runs too fast he goes around in circles.)


    • I can imagine Mum scaring eight colours of crap out of your cats. That shows she is supernatural of course, there are only seven colours of cat crap known to vetrinary medicine.


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