Taliban Agree Ceasefire

Great headline isn’t it, one we all welcome but don’t get carried away. Though not noted for their commitment to the cause of freeman moxy The Taliban have agreed to a temporary ceasefire to allow the Presidential elections in Afghanistan to take place next week. Afghans will be able to go to the polls on election day without fear of being gunned down by the militant Muslim militia members.

A Taliban spokesman told Boggart Blog “ We, the Taliban, have no official candidate in the Presidential election so in the interests of fairness we decided to suspend hostilities in order to allow supporters of actual candidates to intimidate voters.”

3 thoughts on “Taliban Agree Ceasefire

  1. I will be surprised if any ceasefire announced by taliban holds for more than 24 hours.Its just that the world media will be stopped from reporting any taliban related violence,to show that afghanistan is a safer place with uncle sam being there.But i am sure the fictional cease fire is already broken as we speak.


  2. Yeah, next thing you know we’ll be holding ‘dipomatic talks’ with them….laughed so hard. You can tell half the cabinate is on holiday. This is what happens when you let Darth Mandelson run the show.


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