When Will Egypt Get True Democracy

Egypt, liberated from decades of tyranny last March held it’s first democratic elections for decades last weekend. The result will not be known for some time and predictions of how the new parliament will be made up vary wildly.

The new parliament’s primary task will be to pick a 100-strong constituent assembly to write the new constitution. Only elected members of both houses will get to pick the assembly’s members. Parliament will have legislative power, but the military council, which took over from Mubarak, will keep its “presidential powers” until a presidential election, now expected in June, 2012.

The military council will still appoint the government.

What, this is an outrage. Whay aren’t Cammers, Obama and the rest protesting about this. If the western nations are really committed to ensuring human rights are respected globally, Egyptians must surely be entitled to true democracy like that introduced in Italy and Greece recently, with elections being overruled and governments appointed from the ranks of Brussels Bureaucrats.

Oh erm … … … I’ll get me coat.

Muslim Brotherhood chooses chaos

13 thoughts on “When Will Egypt Get True Democracy

    • It may have escaped your notice but the Lib Dems (23%) actually in government. I say in a democracy the majority must rule, even if they need help. Are you suggesting Labour (29% at the last election) should have stayed in power? Well it would have given Gordon Brown chance to implement his big reform to British Democracy by making dissent a crime.

      Remember Schumpeter’s Warning; “Capitaslism contains the seeds of self destruction while socialism is inevitably drawn towards fascism.”

      Funny how many lefty websites omit the second half of that. Oh well, honesty never was a vote winner.


      • I knew the 23% came from somewhere. Silly mistake by me. The Tories got 36.1% – still nothing like a mandate, as it’s 36.1% of the 65.1% turnout – which is 23.5%.

        No, Labour didn’t deserve to stay in power, as they had been carrying out Tory policy anyway, thanks to the infiltrator Blair.

        I can’t remember anything Schumpeter ever said, as I have never read his stuff.

        I think we need to be inventing something to do that doesn’t fit in with what any party or -ism is currently proposing, but what…

        Anyway, all a bit OT. I hope Egypt gets the government it deserves.


      • Gordon Brown said Labour did have a manadate as the 35% who didn’t vote had not voted against Labour therefore their non votes could be considered support for Labour.

        Schumpeter is very heavy going. I’ve given you the best bit, you can get by without the rest.

        Egypt will get an Islamist government I fear.


      • Broon was depicted as Stalin by Private Eye for a good reason.

        And, snigger, how do you know I don’t think they deserve to be run by fanatical religious nutcases? (Well, apart from the fact that I’m a known softy, and don’t think people should get as stoned as the M—–s like them to be.)


      • You misread something. I know you don’t think they deserve to be run by fanatical religious nutcases because you are not the type who would amputate limbs for petty theft (like wot they do in Saudi Arabia).


  1. The new Egypt/Italy/Greece “democracy” model is sooo much easier to control than the wild mob (even if democratically elected). The world leaders can celebrate Christmas in peace and everyone knows their place.


  2. My sources tell me that the Islamists are ahead in the present round of elections but we are “assured” by the Muslim Brotherhood that no changes will be made for the sake of the economy.

    I am also informed by some activists that Egyptians did not mount their revolution for a lack of freedom! Sparks may still fly!


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