Scientists Debate Robot’s Rights

We’ve been telling you for ever that scientists are insane, totally detached from reality and hellbent on destroying humanity and the planet that supports us simply because we will not give them all the money in the world to buy new toys.

Just before we get into the latest scientific madness, ask yourself what kind of people we are dealing with that would insist on making machines look vaguely humanoid in order to enable socially incompetent science heads to more easily form relationships with them. Why do robots have to look human? Why do they have to have little legs so they can walk like spazzas? Caterpillar Tracks would work much better?

I’ll tell you why; because the semi autistic nerds who design then theik they are building a friend, someone whose thoughts are driven by pure logic, like those of nerds. We should not be giving these people more toys, we should be putting them out of their misery. It’s the only humane thing to do.

The latest idiocy the coneheads are concerning themselves with is Robot’s Rights. Yes they are having a hugely expensive (and paid for by you and me of course) jolly to discuss justice for junk heaps. And naturally they are using humanoid robots and cuddly toys to encourage people to get sentimental over inanimate objects. You see the science heads are desperately concerned that their little android buddies should have equality with humans …

is it ok to murder a robot
Is it OK to torture or murder a robot

Firstly ask yourselves what kind of fuckwits would be talking about rights for robots when human rights are still something the majority of humans frequently struggle for. We are not talking about the rights of bearded queens in bridal gowns to go mincing up the aisle of the local church here, or the right of dark skinned people to vote more than once in elections. We are talking about the right to live, free speech, a fair trial etc. And where wil it end? It can only be a matter of time before we are hearing about black robots, gay and lesbian robots, single parent robots, amputee robots and robots suffering from PTSD after witnessing an accident involving a van carrying computers.

Are rights for intimate objects necessary? Could you eventually face punishment for trashing your programmable toaster? Could you be accused of racism for calling your smart phone a piece of Chinese shit? Could you be banded a sexist pig for kicking your robot fuck buddy when she tells you she is not in the mood.

And of course there is the ethical question. If robots are not our property to command and do with as we wish, if they have human rights, then slavery is surely the most gross violation of human rights. And if robots cannot be our slaves and have the right to say, “Sorry, not tonight darling, I’m having my oil change”, who will want one.

This plan, which has come up before and been laughed out of court, is the latest attempt of the fuckwits to convince sane people that machines can be intelligent in the way humans are. This is of course a step along the road to making humans dumb as machines are.

The majority of people in the world are wrong about most things, but you have to admit, sciencetits are consistently wronger than most people about most things. Human rights are for people (unless of course they are unfortunate enough to live under one of the evil tyrants the political leaders of the FUKUS axis is not pissed off with) Robots are machines.

By all means look after them carefully, they can be useful and do cost money. But giving them rights FFS?
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