UK heading for BLIND EU exit – Barnier warns



Brussels’ chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier cast fresh threw ano ofther spanner into the works the negotiating process when he said political declarations on the UK’s future trade and security partnership with the EU will not be complete by “Autumn 2018”.

Negotiators from both sides are hoping to complete the final 20 percent of the withdrawal agreement, which sets out the terms of Britain’s severance from the increasingly political bloc.  The £39bn Brexit bill, transition period and the Irish backstop, are yet to be completed, but there are issues around free movement, immigration policy and whether the European Court of Justice will still have a role in UK laws.

In an article syndicated in many European newspapers, Barnier said: “Since we will not know what the future relationship will bring by Autumn 2018, we need to have a ‘backstop’ solution in the withdrawal agreement.”

The minor detail in the Frenchman’s 891-word article will likely frustrate Britain who have stressed the link between the withdrawal agreement and the declaration on the future relationship.

On his recent visit to Brussels, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab called for “a clear and precise vision for our future relationship, and set this out in a political declaration to be signed alongside the withdrawal agreement”.

The withdrawal agreement has to be ready by October and is due to be signed off by leaders at the EU Council summit that month. Britain holds the expectation that there will also be a political declaration outlining the future relationship in place as well.

Since replacing David Davis, Mr Raab has reiterated the link between so-called Brexit bill is dependent on the EU fulfilling its obligations to the negotiations. There is no sign of this happening as the EU attitude continues to be that negotiation is a process in which they lay down conditions and Theresa the Appeaser overruled her ministers and agrees to whatever brussels demands.

UK Threatens To Quit Brexit Talks Over EU Excessive Severance Cash Demands

It was never going to be easy, nobody who knows anything about the small minded bureaucrats who run the EU and their vindictive responses to any individual or organisation which obstructs what they, misguidedly, think is their irresistible march toward linking up with the USA and establishing a global technocratic government would have been aware that the Brussels bureaucracy’s response to Brexit would be to punish the arrogant British for their defiance.

With negotiations between the UK and EU likely to formally begin on June 19, Bloomberg reports that Brexit Secretary David Davis has pre-emptively lashed out at EU officials, threatening that “The UK will quit talks on leaving the European Union unless the bloc drops its demands for a divorce payment as high as EUR100bn.”

Britain’s negotiations would otherwise be plunged into “chaos,” and even a 1 billion-pound settlement would be “a lot of money,” Davis said in an interview published in the Sunday Times. Actually Davis and his colleagues on Britain’s negotiating team have audaciously suggested thast not only will Britain owe the EU nothing on leaving the organisation, but in fact the EU will owe Britain tens of €billions.

As Bloomberg notes, the size of Britain’s exit bill, and which types of negotiations can begin before it has been agreed, has been a source of debate for weeks.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said the U.K. will have to pay about 50 billion pounds, while Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has signaled a figure between 40 billion euros and 60 billion euros.

The Financial Times estimated the cost could balloon to 100 billion euros, while a study by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales put the cost at as low as 5 billion pounds ($6.5 billion).

Britain’s conservative government has said it will meet its commitments to the EU, but has questioned how Brussels officials reached their preliminary estimates… especially the oddly round number of 100-billion-euros…

“We don’t need to just look like we can walk away, we need to be able to walk away…Under the circumstances, if that was necessary, we would be in a position to do it.”

UK Prime Minister Theresa May commented on the Brexit bill in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, by saying that “money paid in the past” by the U.K. into joint EU projects and the European Investment Bank ought to be taken account in the final sum.

“There is much debate about what the U.K.’s obligations might be or indeed what our rights might be,” she said.

“We make it clear that we would look at those both rights and obligations.”

A spokesperson for Barclays said the bank fears that two years may not be enough time to complete the comprehensive Brexit talks neded for a ‘soft’ exit. Which leaves three possible paths ahead…The soft, the hard and the ugly Brexit

While it remains unclear what kind of Brexit PM May is seeking, we believe that her insistence on regaining control of borders and withdrawing from the European Court of Justice is fundamentally inconsistent with the EU’s negotiating position, which is basically that no member state is allowed to completely quit the EU, and makes a hard Brexit, involving leaving the single market unavoidable. The ugly Brexit option is that Britain, unable to hold any rational discussions with the world domination freaks in Brussels simply walks away. That would harm the EU significantly more that the UK.


Quitaly? Will Italy follow Britain out of the EU?

With a referendum in Italy, ostensibly on constitutional reforms but perceived as a referendum on the leadership of the ruling elite, looming in November and the anti – globalisation, pro sovereignty Five Star Party growing in popularity all the time. Should the constitutional changes be voted down, and the against campaign is showing a comfortable lead in opinion polls at the moment, it will put a Quitaly in-out referendum, similar to the so called Brexit vote that kick off the process of Britain leaving the European Union, at the top of the agenda.

Threat Of Major Scandal Prompted Early Election Move – UKIP

Leaders of the (UKIP) have made astonishing claim that Prime Minister Teresa May’s calling an early General Election was done to pre-empt a series of by-elections that could be called following alleged electoral fraud. Accusing the Conservative government of “putting party before country”, UKIP appeared to suggest the scandal and ensuing disqualification of MPs could rob the government of its slender majority.

Nigel Farage Swipes Back At Irrational, Screeching, Crazy Clinton

US Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launched a hysterical, irrational attack, filled with half truths and blatant lies, against the most prominent figure in the campaign to get Britain out of the EU (Brexit), UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, during a speech at a rally today. Mrs Clinton, responding to Farage’s address to a large and enthusiastic audience at a Donald Trump rally, may have been rattled at the prospect of having such a hihly effective campaigner in the rival camp …

Rebellion Against EU Authoritarianism Escalates As 8th Member Nation Threatens Referendum

Brussels went too far, they crossed the line in moving from an economic union to a political pan – European political empire. In the end it was a race as to which member state would quit first, Britain, Natherlands, Denmark or Italy. In the event it is Britain.

Is Brexit A Harbinger Of Doom For The ‘Experts’
The Brexit vote, the decision by a democratic majority in Britain to leave the European Union has sent shockwaves around the world. Not only does the EU now face a tsunami of departures, the usurpation of democracy by ‘experts’ ( technocrats ) has been challenged and exposed as a sham.

BREXIT vs. GREXIT – The Truth About The European Union And How It Treats Members

Unless the testicularly deficient politicians stand up for their nations he only thing that will halt the European Union’s push beyond Europe’s geographical borders to incorporate Asian, middle eastern and north African nations is war. Power is addictive and the bean counters of Brussels have ambitions far beyond Europe.

The Hypocrisy and Snobbery Of The Remain Campaign And The Antidote
When I had to defriend a Facebook contact because she was arguing in favour of the EU, it was not simply because I support Brexit that I had become pissed of with her, it was the snobbish and condescending way she dismissed supporters of LEAVE and their case. People are entitled to their opinion on the European Union, but they should check the ‘facts’ they post in support of their arguments.

The Labour Case For Brexit by Kate Hoey M.P.

After my short intro is a savage indictment by Brexit supporting Labour MP Kate Hoey of the way the Labour Party has abandoned the working class and is now trying to betray the party’s proud heritage and its roots in the industrial areas by taking Britain into an undemocratic, corporate controlled, capitalist friendly, elite dominated globalist control freak project.

Dutch Referendum This Week Shows why We Should Leave The EU.

Few of you were aware probably that there is an EU referendum vote in The Netherlands this week. As usual with anything negative about the EU barely a word has been printed in the topic in mainstream media and the silence from our notionally unbiased national broadcaster The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been deafening.

French, Belgians, Dutch, Italians Follow Britain in Euroskepticism

Europeans want us British to lead them out of Europe. Don’t be fooled by project fear, the European Union (aka the Euronazi Federal Superstate) is falling apart. There will not be chaos if we leave, there will be chaos if we stay.

Head Of European Institute: Brexit ‘Better’ For Everyone

Brexit would be the best result of Britain’s in / out referendum for both Britain and the EU i a Belgian professor who heads up the European Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE) has said.

Johnson’s article lines up his reasons why Britain must exit on June 23rd. It’s time to be brave

OK, I know a lot of you think Boris is most accurately described by a word many people find offensive, but he’s put together a very good argument here on why we must leave the EU. Published in part here under ‘fair use’ terms and conditions, in the public interest …

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Don Hale: Leon Brittan’s fingers were in everything relating to the Westminster child abuse scandal.

Don Hale after overturning a miscarriage of justice in The Bakewell Tart case (image source)

Don Hale, former editor of The Bury Messenger, close friend of (Baroness) Barbara Castle and eventual exposer of a miscarriage of justice in the ‘Bakewell Tart’ case has been frustrated by official efforts to keep the lid on the Westminster Paedophile Ring case and the role played by former Home Secretary Leon Brittan in covering up allegations of child abuse in which senior politicians, judges and civil servants were named as abusers.

Now that Brittan is dead he is no longer protected by British libel law, and Hale has been talking to US online news site The Daily Beast.

Previously Mr. Hale has alleged that former future Prime Minister Brittan was actively involved in a cover up of child abuse by a paedophile ring including prominent Westminster MPs.

In the Daily Beast interview he returns to the subject of a dossier on the abuse handed to him by Labour peer and then Cabinet Minister Barbara Castle, and later seized by Special Branch officers. The newsman says the content of that dossier was suppressed by Brittan. He says the then Home Secretary “was mentioned in everything you picked up, his fingerprints were over everything, he was the instigator”.

Brittan who passed away in January following a long battle with cancer had for several years faced growing questions over what he knew about allegations that a network of paedophiles had operated in Westminster during the 1980s.

He admitted receiving a file from Geoffrey Dickens, then a Conservative MP, regarding the allegations but insisted that he had acted properly in passing the documents over to officials for examination. A review in 2013 supported his claims. The dossier however had been lost.

Hale’s latest allegations put the spotlight back on Westminster as the scandal continues to grow. Days after Brittan’s death, Labour MP Tom Watson who has been pivotal in bringing the case back into the public domain said he spoke to several people who claim they were raped by the late politician. One male victim was a child when he was allegedly raped by Brittan.

“Many have urged me over the past two years to reveal allegations against Brittan using parliamentary privilege,” Watson told The Daily Mirror. “This allows MPs to say things that are not subject to libel laws. Some will ask why I’ve waited until his death to speak out. The reason is simple. I didn’t want to prejudice any jury trial he might one day face.”

It is unfortunate that many authority worshippers on both the right and left have now decided to take the like that “it was all a long time ago and there is now no reliable evidence on which to prosecute the accused, let’s just forget it.

While it’s true that a fair trial would be difficult, it is not so much the named individuals, who are mostly very old, sick men, who are on trial but the establishment, the culture of closing ranks and covering each others’ arses when difficult questions are asked, and the question of whether we want to be ruled by an unaccountable elite.

Boggart Blog says it is the British political system that is on trial. And its conviction and execution for treason are long overdue.

Maggie Thatcher’s Willie

Jeremy Thorpe Jeremy Thorpe – No relation

Sensational New Westminster Child Abuse Claims: Mrs. Thatcher’s Willie Ordered The Cover Up

Every Woman should have a Willie, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once famously said. Maggie’s Willie was William Whitelaw, Home Secretary in her government and old Iron Knicker’s most loyal supporter.

Now Police are launching a probe into the most sensational claims yet to surface in the VIP child sex abuse ring scandal. It has been alleged that Whitelaw ordered police to scrap an inquiry into MPs involvement.

Detectives are beginning an investigation into claims that former Conservative Home Secretary ordered police to abandon an active investigation into the VIP paedophile ring alleged to have operated in Westminster from the 1980s.

Whitelaw allegedly ordered senior Metropolitan Police officers to scrap a year-long investigation into a paedophile ring that was suspected of abusing 40 children, the youngest of whom was six. Whitelaw’s alleged intervention, surely a prima facie case of perverting the course of justice, happened in 1980 after a newspaper report revealed crown prosecutors were looking at 350 possible sex abuse offences, including allegations it ‘obtained young boys for politicians, prominent lawyers and film stars’.

The story, which was first published on July 7, 1980, that year in the London Evening News revealed police had put evidence in front of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) against several, possibly as many as twelve men who could face trial for procuring boys for immoral purposes and for sexual offences against boys.

And while we are on the topic of senior politicians’ involvement in sex scandals can I just remind readers that former Liberal Leader, rent – boy user and dog killer Jeremy Thorpe is no relation. I have traced the family back eight generations and found that while he is one of those effete, dodgy, silk pajama wearing East Anglian Thorpes, our branch of the clan are solid, reliable Northern Thorpes (from south Durham and Westmorland originally). Nothing soft about us. We don’t wear silk pajamas, we wear the uncured skins of Woolly Mammoths we have strangled with our bare hands.

Scientists Debate Robot’s Rights

We’ve been telling you for ever that scientists are insane, totally detached from reality and hellbent on destroying humanity and the planet that supports us simply because we will not give them all the money in the world to buy new toys.

Just before we get into the latest scientific madness, ask yourself what kind of people we are dealing with that would insist on making machines look vaguely humanoid in order to enable socially incompetent science heads to more easily form relationships with them. Why do robots have to look human? Why do they have to have little legs so they can walk like spazzas? Caterpillar Tracks would work much better?

I’ll tell you why; because the semi autistic nerds who design then theik they are building a friend, someone whose thoughts are driven by pure logic, like those of nerds. We should not be giving these people more toys, we should be putting them out of their misery. It’s the only humane thing to do.

The latest idiocy the coneheads are concerning themselves with is Robot’s Rights. Yes they are having a hugely expensive (and paid for by you and me of course) jolly to discuss justice for junk heaps. And naturally they are using humanoid robots and cuddly toys to encourage people to get sentimental over inanimate objects. You see the science heads are desperately concerned that their little android buddies should have equality with humans …

is it ok to murder a robot
Is it OK to torture or murder a robot

Firstly ask yourselves what kind of fuckwits would be talking about rights for robots when human rights are still something the majority of humans frequently struggle for. We are not talking about the rights of bearded queens in bridal gowns to go mincing up the aisle of the local church here, or the right of dark skinned people to vote more than once in elections. We are talking about the right to live, free speech, a fair trial etc. And where wil it end? It can only be a matter of time before we are hearing about black robots, gay and lesbian robots, single parent robots, amputee robots and robots suffering from PTSD after witnessing an accident involving a van carrying computers.

Are rights for intimate objects necessary? Could you eventually face punishment for trashing your programmable toaster? Could you be accused of racism for calling your smart phone a piece of Chinese shit? Could you be banded a sexist pig for kicking your robot fuck buddy when she tells you she is not in the mood.

And of course there is the ethical question. If robots are not our property to command and do with as we wish, if they have human rights, then slavery is surely the most gross violation of human rights. And if robots cannot be our slaves and have the right to say, “Sorry, not tonight darling, I’m having my oil change”, who will want one.

This plan, which has come up before and been laughed out of court, is the latest attempt of the fuckwits to convince sane people that machines can be intelligent in the way humans are. This is of course a step along the road to making humans dumb as machines are.

The majority of people in the world are wrong about most things, but you have to admit, sciencetits are consistently wronger than most people about most things. Human rights are for people (unless of course they are unfortunate enough to live under one of the evil tyrants the political leaders of the FUKUS axis is not pissed off with) Robots are machines.

By all means look after them carefully, they can be useful and do cost money. But giving them rights FFS?
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George Zimmerman Acquittal Reaction Shows Who Real Racists In USA Are

The trial of “white hispanic’ male George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin in the USA in which the entire nation lines up on one side or the other and sanity goes out of he window.

I have no intention of getting involved in discussion of the case, I have seen on American blogs where that ends up and I can’t be arsed. Tom Chivers who normally writes on science and technology a few days ago posted a very level headed and objective article on why, in a liberal justice system, Zimmerman had to be freed. Tom Chivers – There Wasn’t Enough Evidence To Find George Zimmerman Guity Of Trayvon’s Murder, That’s how Justice Works

The left, particularly the American left, are not interested in justice however, they are totally driven by emotions and principally by self loathing which they translate into hatred of the nation and culture that spawned them. Thus they are busy stoking up racial tensions in the hope they can provoke some nutter into murdering Zimmerman.

And the lunatic fronge in the Black community are responding. People like Sunny Fashawn aka VeSun wh describes herself on her Twitter profile as an African American female and who Tweets:

“Behead Zimmerman, put that shit in a box and send it to his mother”. VeSun.

Rather ironically, has adorned her Twitter page with peace symbols (Read more and see the exchange)

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Why Are These Sick, Emotionally Crippled Fuckwits Identifying with Trayvon

Bogcast: Media Studies Cops

Efforts to modernise the police force by making sure our coppers are politically correct when arresting muggers, wife beaters, granny beaters, child molesters, squirrel molesters, bank robbers, arsonists, murderers and people who drop chewing gum on the pavement seem to be tipping the justice system in favour of the criminal.

A new initiative to allow direct entry to senior ranks of the police force for people with degrees in things like sociology, art history, graphic design and media studies are hardly likely to help.

You may notice that apart from the light being lousy at this time of year so the window reflects in my glasses, my hair is looking rather grey. We let is grow out to see how grey it is and how I looked and in future videos I will be dark and sultry again. I don’t mind being grey, I don’t mind admitting my hair is dyed, what I can’t be having with is black eyebrows and grey hair. It’s never going to be a good look.

From She Devil To Foxy Knoxy Overnight. But would I sleep with her.

Everything is about the Amanda Knox verdict today.

The man who confessed to the killing of British student Meredith Kercher is behind bars so people claiming justice has not been done for the family are out of order.

The main cause of the hate still being directed at Foxy Knoxy seems to be based on the facts that she i American, if not from California, the ghlobal capital of crazy then from quite near California, she drinks and has smoked dope and she is a bit of a slapper. I was in one of the national newspaper threads earlier and pointed out that it is not, not has it ever been a crime to be a slut. And was it so my life would certainly have been less enjoyable.

Somebody asked me “Well OK, the evidence against her was flimsy and circumstantial and there may be reasonable doubt. But chances are she was involved in the crime in some way so knowing that would you sleep with her?

I had to reply that now, at my age and in my physical condition definitely no. A healthy, horny twenty four year old who has been banged up in prison for four years could kill me without doing anything wrong. When I was in my twenties however …

California: The Global Capital Of Crazy
Lilith – She Devil

The Sweet Smell Of Natural Justice?

As the festive season approaches and the country looks more like a Christmas card every day, do you sometimes wish for some demonstration that a higher power was looking after you would occur to restore your faith that good really will triumph over evil; so you could belive one more in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the great pumkin, divine justice and all the rest of it? Would it reassure you to know that Somebody Up There Likes You.

Andrew Withers did when somebody kept parking across his drive. His wish came true:

[…] The retribution started about 12 noon. I noticed as I was about to go out that there was a pronounced bulge in the middle of the road that was seeping water that was freezing before it hit the kerb.

A quick look and clearly a pipe had burst underground. Quick call to the water chaps, we will be straight out. Good.

Went for a coffee in town, came back. Water chaps had arrived. So had the stink. It was not a water mains, the high pressure sewage pipe that had failed. Stood with the water chap as he called the sewage chap.

Little blue car appears, parks across my drive as usual …

You can probably guess the punchline but visit Anna Raccoon anyway, there is much more to enjoy in the full post.

Frenchwoman wins understatement of the Millennium prize

An anonymous Frechwoman has won the Understatement Of The Millenium Prize for her comment on the story of an 80-year-old Frenchman who was yesterday (July 31) recovering but in a state of shock in hospital, after being freed from a year locked in a laundry room by a wife half his age and her alleged lover.

A judicial source told reporters the man was conscious and lucid in hospital but did not yet want to speak to anyone.

“The victim suffered violence and ill-treatment,” local gendarme commander Bruno Arviset told journalists. “The man ate twice a day, mostly pastries that were past their sell-by date.”

His wife, 45, was jailed on Saturday pending trial after being charged with the crome of physical abuse, illegal detention and taking advantage of a vulnerable person, a judicial source said.

Her alleged lover and her son have been released on bail after being charged with complicity with kidnapping and failing to report the abuse. (Well as they were responsible for it they would, wouldn’t they?)

Prosecutors said that police were alerted by one of the wife’s young children who has now been taken into care by social services.

The sleepy village’s inhabitants acknowledged they knew the couple.

“The woman was very strange,” a female neighbour who asked not to be named, told Boggart Blog.

We immediately entered that for the Understatement of the millenium competition and it was at once declare the winner even though there are 990 years to run.

(full story)