Obamas ‘moderate Rebels’ Are mostly Syrian Gangsters

Still from the Russia Today video -don’t click to play, follow the link below.


Russia Today has an interview with a journalist who spent two years fighting alongside the Free Syrian Army rebels that have been trying to depose the Assad regime while defending themselves against ISIS and Al Nusra extremists.

The transcript of Sophie Shevardnadze’s interview with Bilal Abdul Kareem, whose video reports expose the ‘moderate rebels’ referred to as the west’s potential allies by Barack Obama and David Cameron.

The soundtrack of the inverview (or reading the transcript – Ms Shevardnadze’s accent and poor quality sound may make the invterview a difficult watch) will contain a few shocks for people foolish enough to believe the ‘moderate rebels’ bullshit, these guys are as bad as the religious fanatics, if not (morally at least) worse, because they do not have an insane religious belief to justify their cruelty and ruthlessness.

US Syria Criminal Rebels – Russia Today video and document

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4 thoughts on “Obamas ‘moderate Rebels’ Are mostly Syrian Gangsters

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