Trump’s leaked review of the US’s nukes seems to confirm Russia has an underwater nuclear doomsday weapon

President Donald Trump’s nuclear arsenal review, which wasleaked to HuffPost, seems to suggest their is a belief in the US military ans state security community that Russia is developing a new, submarine – borne, nuclear weapon that experts have described as ‘a doomsday weapon.’ which could devastate US cities in a single attack.

“Russia is developing and deploying new nuclear warheads and launchers,” the leaked document says, noting that the system is thought to be “a new intercontinental, nuclear-armed, undersea autonomous torpedo.”

Representations of designs for such a nuclear torpedo have been spotted in TV footage of a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and military chiefs in November 2015.

The video showed plans for a submarine that could theoretically travel underwter for 6,200 miles at 100 knots and deliver a megaton-class thermonuclear weapon to create “wide areas of radioactive contamination,” according to a BBC translation of captured screenshots of the document.

Since the BBC reported that meeting and caputred screenshots of material describing the new submarine weapons system, many have disputed the notion that Russia would build such a system. But the leaked draft of Trump’s nuclear posture review indicates the US government at its highest levels believes the torpedo, known as the “oceanic multi-purpose Status-6 system,” is real.

Jeffrey Lewis, a leading academic on nuclear matters, quickly gave the Status-6 a catchier name: “Putin’s doomsday machine.”

When the plans for the Status-6 leaked in 2015, the Brookings Institution characterized their appearance on camera as deliberatepropaganda rather than sloppy security.

Not only could the weapon obliterate the area with potentially 100 times the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, but it could also leave behind long-lasting radioactive waste.

Lewis has described the weapon as “bat-shit crazy” and “absurd.” He previously told Business Insider in an interview that the idea was “deeply, deeply, deeply immoral” and that the US never considers weapons like this for its nuclear arsenal.

Somehow we find it hard to believe that if the world’s greatest warmongers, the USA, had the knowhow to build such a weapon there is any chance they would let ethical considerations stop them from building it.

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