Worlds Biggest Luxury Liner To Be An Immigtant Hostel?


Ocean Gala: an ugly ship with a worse catering record that a Motorway Services Station (Image source)

Ocean Gala, a luxury cruise liner which when launched was the world’s largest passenger ship will be converted  into a concentration camp floating hostel to house Sweden’s third world migrants who are uneducated, illiterate, unable to speak Swedish and skilled in only goat milking and buffalo herding and therefore unlikely to find paid employment in Sweden’s high tech society.  The deal agreed by the Swedish Migration Bureau, one of the biggest spending ‘agencies’ of the Swedish state will earn the owners of the defunct ship millions of kroner over the duration of the contract.

The only thing that may derail the deal with US Shipmanagers for floating migrant accommodation, would be failure to find a berth in any of Sweden’s large deep water  harbours. Sweden’s open doors immigration policy has led to the country (population 9 million) being overwhelmed with migrants who have no passports or travel documents and no visas. If the project succeeds a migration Bureau spokesperson said they will looking for a number of ships, offering at least 1,500 beds each.

Since the number of illegal immigrants entering the country began to increase exponentially a few years ago, Sweden has earned the dubious title of “rape capital of Europe” and anti – immigration feeling is very high and public opinion may make it difficult to find suitable berths for what will surely become floating crime centres.

The Ocean Gala was sold by Thomson cruises last year after a flurry of unfavourable publicity surrounding the ship. The Daily Mail reported nearly 100 former passengers were taking legal action against Thomson after alleged poor hygiene on-board led to a massive outbreak of “diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and dehydration”. The ship had previously been owned and operated by several leading cruise holiday companies and has been beset with problems since its launch.

In her new role as a dormitory ship, she will earn her owners some 800,000 Swedish kronor (£66,000) every day in payments from the Migration Bureau and the initial contract will see it occupied for a year, reports Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

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