Animal Rights Banstrubators Shut Down Taylor Swift Gig In Oz

We live in a world increasingly dominated by far left fascists. Now a lot of people might think that “far left fascists” is a contradiction in terms but that’s because they misunderstand what fascism actually is, and what the terms right and left really mean in political jargon. Fascism is not a political philosophy, it is a system of exercising control through strength, usually strength of arms or muscle power in the past but more recently through control of the media to influence opinion by creating a culture of fear. Online bullying, threatening to trash peoples’ careers, relationships or businesses are the tactics of modern fascist like the ANIMAL RIGHT NUTS who have forced Taylor Swift to cancel a performance at a horse race meeting, because the FASCSTS think horse racing is cruel and are quite happy to impose their crackpot opinions on everybody else.

The occasion was The Melbourne Cup, Australia’s biggest horserace and a social occasion similar to The Derby or Grand National in Britain and one looked forqard to by millions of Australians, so as with most SJW actions, the campaign was not intended to persuade people to the animal rights lobby’s point of view, but to bully and alienate as many as possible, to be divisive and cause more tensions in society.

And it was ill though out and wrong. Racehorses are bred to race, horses race each other in the wild, joyously competing to be at the front of the herd. Why, what do horses gain from that? you might well ask.

The answer is survival and evolutionary advantage. Speed is the hores’ best defence against predators so running keeps them in peak condition. And survival instincts are strong and sophisticated in wild animals and in horses the mares are likely to choose the fastest stallion to mate with, thus giving their offfsping the best chance of survival, (Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene is very good for understanding this, though a flawed book in other ways.) Horses race, and racehorses live to race. And from my experience of horses, from owning racehorses to riding over the Pennine moors on my lovely old mare, Crogwyn (she was a welsh cob,) I can tell you if a horse doesn’t want to race nothing will make it race.

Shame on Taylor Swift and her management for surrendering to bullying Social Justice Warriors, more shame on the ignorant bullies who have shown they are just ignorant self righteous idiots who have usurped to themselves the right to decide what the rest of us can and cannot do and that they know fuck all about horse racing. Those magnificent animals are born to race and were horse racing to be banned to keep the animal rights mob happy, would end up in dogmeat.


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