Rotherham Abuse Scandal: Tragedy descends Into Farce

We have all been outraged at the revelations concerning the Rotherham child abuse scandal in which we now know officials in the child care system and leaders of the town’s Labour council turned a blind eye to systematic abuse of children in council care because the perps were predominantly Pakistani.

It is, as are the similar cases still under investigation in Bradford, Rochdale, Oxford, Reading and Newcastle which we expect to eventually yield similar findings.

Exacerbating the ‘cover up culture’ betrayal of the trust places in them, public officials both elected and employed have actively worked to silence whistleblowers, even when those blowing the whistle were serving Labour MPs.

but modern politics is nothing if not partisan and modern politicians are nothing if not opportunist. Thus it was only a matter of time before the tragic betrayal of innnocence and trust by Rotherham council was turned to farce by the opportunity of some twat determined to score political points.

from The Independent

Last night, Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said he would ask the Home Secretary, Theresa May, how much the Home Office knew at the time.

“We would be very keen to get from the Home Office a full and frank response to the research that was commissioned in 2002. This is an essential part of the jigsaw to determine why the council failed to act, and whether the Home Office could have done more to ensure that it did act,” he said. “We want to see every piece of information the Home Office holds on this, and I will be writing to the Home Secretary to ask that the databases are searched to see what files it holds on this horrific behaviour in Rotherham.”

What strange questions for Mr. Vaz to ask. The Conservative were not in office in 2002 when Labour MP Anne Cryer was ordered to drop her demands for an inquiry into ‘racially sensitive’ child abuse allegations in her Keighley (W. Yorks) constituency and a whistleblower who had discovered evidence of widespread and organised paedophile rings operating around the country while working as a researcher was silenced.

Mr. Vaz you see was a serving Labour MP throughout the party’s period in power from 1997 to 2010, he held several junior ministerial posts. He was an elected member of the National Executive Committee in 2002 and served as the Vice-Chair of Women, Race and Equality Committee of the Labour Party. Since 2000, he has been a patron of the Labour Party Race Action Group and in 2006 he was appointed the Chairman of the Ethnic Minority Taskforce.

So really he ought to be in a far better position than the current Home Secretary to know how much Tony Blair’s government knew about the cover up. Which does not exonerate The Conservative (or Lib Dems) of course. Certainly many of their MPs and propable the leadership must have known of this brewing scandal and yet they did nothing.

You know what we have to do to throw them all out. If you don’t want to vote UKIP there are The Greens, sandal wearing tree huggers maybe but such people tend to have strong principles and principles that extend beyond self interest.


Rotherham Scandal Spreads as Police and Local Councillors Accused of Child Abuse

As we predicted when this composite page was opened last August, after the publication of a damning report authored by on how police and municipal officials turned a blind eye to organised sex abuse in the town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the story of sexual perversion and corruption of local officials had a lot more secrets to yield. In the latest development …

Derbyshire Chief Constable Claims He Was Forbidden To Arrest Former Labour Minister Or Search His Home”>South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright Finally Resigns Over Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal

Police chiefs blocked a paedophile probe into a top politician 25 years ago, one of the country’s most senior officers said yesterday. Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon was serving as a detective sergeant in Leicestershire when allegations surfaced against Labour MP Greville Janner in 1989. Mr Creedon said he was ordered to limit his inquiries into the MP, now Lord Janner of Braunstone.
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