SStarmer Outs Himself As More Fascist Than Boris Bonkers or Dementia Joe Biden

The leader of the UK’s official opposition party, Labour, Sir Kier SStarmer after a year of starring in a remake of The Invisible Man has finally decided to let us see who he is. Responding to remarks made by Home Secretary Priti Patel, SStarmer said education authorities should be allowed to use exclusion orders to stop anti-vaccine activists from protesting outside schools.

So ‘Sir’ Kier is actually no different to Bonkers Boris, Dementia Joe, Hausfrau – Volksfuher Merkel, Le Petit Garcon Macron and the rest in being willing t use coercive tactics, as well as the usual lies, fake news and scaremongering to pressure parents into allowing schools to give children the clotshot, the armful of toxic shite that will turn their young bodies into their worst enemy as it manufactures the notorious Spike Protein with is the pathogen produced by the SARS-COV2 virus to make people sick with COVID

The Labour leader said it was “sickening” that those against vaccinations were demonstrating where children are educated. What is really sickening is that political whores like SStarmer, like Boris and the rest a hireling of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Big Pharma corporate cartel, would deny parents the the right to protect their kids from implementing an agenda that by destroying natural immunity would make them patients (i.e. customers) for life of Big Pharma and the healthcare industry , and thus wholly dependent of government for the whole of their lives.

The Conservative government’s home secretary, Priti Patel, called such protests “completely unacceptable”, adding that children, teachers or parents should not be “intimidated and harassed outside their schools”. Well nobody would ever pretend this government is on the side of the people, in fact as we reported recently all the governments of the developed world are in thrall to the Global Public Private Partnership and thus are committed to imposing global governance. And words like freedom, individualism and choice are not in the lexicon of this organisation

Patel’s comments, reported in the Daily Telegraph were echoed by the education secretary, Nadhim Zahawi, who said the “disgraceful actions of a small minority … must be brought to an end”. To put it bluntly, government intends to usurp the role of parents.

Picture via Yahoo News

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) revealed this month that most of the schools surveyed by the union (79%) had been targeted by ‘anti-vaxxers’, the derogatory and dismissive term for parents who have done their research and are rightly concerned about the risks of these untested, experimental vaccines on a group that data shows are at almost zero risk from the disease .The targeting has mainly been through emails threatening legal action, but the ASCL said in some cases staff had been threatened with physical harm and some protesters have gained access to school sites, though no evidence has been produced to support this.

SStarmer continued spreading misinformation by saying: “It is sickening that anti-vax protesters are spreading dangerous misinformation to children in protests outside schools. The uptake of vaccines among children is far too low and the government’s rollout is painfully slow. Everything must be done to get those eligible jabbed as quickly as possible in this public health emergency.

In fact the spreaders of misinformation are SStarmer, Patel and the rest of the political, educational, mainstream media and corporate establishment all of which have covered up the many thousands of deaths than can be linked to administration of these vaccines, which do not immunise, do not prevent the recipients spreading the virus and have exceeded by many thousands of time the number of adverse reactions at which any other drug or medication would have been withdrawn on safety grounds. But propaganda and fear were always the chief weapon (sic) of tyrants.

It is no surprise then that SStarmer and his socialist cohort are disappointed that Boris Boners has not yet implemented lockdown forever, masks to be worn everywhere at all times, vaccine passport to be produced to claim food and drinking water rations and that we the unvaccinated be herded into camps that have above the entrance, “Vaccine Mach Frie.)“.

Labour believes the law around public spaces protection orders (PSPOs) urgently needs to be updated so that local authorities can rapidly create exclusion zones for anti-vax protests outside of schools. PSPOs can be used to disperse people from a public area and have previously been used to move on protesters outside abortion clinics or to allow police to confiscate alcohol in certain spaces.

However imposing a PSPO is another infringement of our civil liberties, i.e. the right to protest, and would be no easy matter with opposition to vaccine fascism growing not only among the public but in the ranks of Conservative and Labour Members of Parliament who sense the growing mood of anger in the country takes, and Labour’s calling for an expedited process in cases of preventing protests against schools usurping parental rights and forcing vaccines on pupils who have not reached the age of legal responsibility, is unacceptable in any circumstances.

And how long will it be before SStarmer is demanding that people guilty of non – compliance be removed to remote ‘hospitals’ where they will receive ‘new therapies’ that will cure their predisposition to question authority?

It all seems so familiar to those of us who are well read in 20th century history.

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Boris’ Government Trying To Bypass Parliament, Introduce Vaccine Passports By Back Door
We warned you this authoritarian government would not let the idea of vaccine passports go and here they are, reported by Summit News (well you didn’t expect to see it in mainstream media did you?} tyring to bring in their wretched “Papers Please” legislation by the back door.

23 Serptember: France’s ‘Yellow Vests’ protesters are back. Anti Macron activists rally in Paris
Frence’s Yellow Vests protest movemen, which featured regularly in our pages in 2018/19 are back. In truth they never went away, Initially formed to protest against rising fuel prices, the rising cost of living and President Emmanuel Marcon’s authoritarian style of governing have now added lockdowns, vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination to their list of grievances..

Vaccine shocker From Germany: “Out of ten autopsies, five deaths would be “very probably” linked to vaccines
A shocking report from respected German scientists claims out of 10 autopsies carried out on people who tested positive for COVID, five of the deaths were somehow linked to vaccines and the many observed side effects that occur soon after beople have been injected with COVID vaccine.

21 Sepenber: “F**K The Jab, Long Live Australia” – 20,000 Shut Down Melbourne Highway In Massive Lockdown Protest
23 September: Anti-lockdown protests have become commonplace in Australia since the latest round of lockdowns began two months ago although you wouldn’t think so if you rely on mainstream media for information. Newspapers and broadcast news channels have almost totally blanked stories reporting the pushback against the government’s authoritarian measures which now have little to do with COVID and a lot to do with trying to crush the traditionally cussed spirit of Australians

New Anti – Vaccine protest in London as double vaccinated people continue to get sick with COVID
18 September : Thousands of Anti-vaccine protesters marched from Camden to Downing Street in central London this afternoon, calling on the government to scrap plans to present Covid jab to ychildren.Police in riot gear dispersed protesters after purple paint bombs were thrown over the black ironwork of the gates of Downing Street. The Metropolitan Police tweeted that two people were arrested for criminal damage and affray following an “incident”.

France: Thousands of Health Workers Who Refused Covid Vaccine Mandate Suspended
September 17: The French government have today suspended 3,000 health workers who have defied a manadte requiring all medical personnel to be vaccinated against COVI|D, The Guardian reports. Announcing the move France’s health minister said that many have since agreed to be inoculated now that they had seen “the mandate was a reality”.

UK School staff receive threats of violence amid anti-vaccination campaign

Government plans to push their dodgy vaccines onto schoolchildren are meeting opposition. On the back of scientific studies showing children are at zero risk from cOVID and do not spread the virus parents, and citizens concerned at this fascistic coercion of citizens to accept an experimental medication are reacting in the only way they can.

Are Vaccines The New Messiah Or Are They Bollocks?
Throughout the pandemic of 2020 .21 we have been encouraged by a carefully constructed narrative to believe vaccines will be our messiah and only compliance with government diktat can save us from the kiler virus. But is it all bollocks?

Italy Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine Passports For All Private Sector Workers
17 September: Italys undemocratically appointed left wing government yesterday (16 September) approved new and restrictive rules using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excise for this lurch towards fascism. The new rules which are aning the strictest in the world, in the world mandate that all private and public sector employees get the vaccine and show proof of vaccination, a negative test, or a recent recovery from infection, officials said.

Vaccine shocker From Germany: “Out of ten autopsies, five deaths would be “very probably” linked to vaccines
A shocking report from respected German scientists claims out of 10 autopsies carried out on people who tested positive for COVID, five of the deaths were somehow linked to vaccines and the many observed side effects that occur soon after beople have been injected with COVID vaccine.

UK School staff receive threats of violence amid anti-vaccination campaign

Government plans to push their dodgy vaccines onto schoolchildren are meeting opposition. On the back of scientific studies showing children are at zero risk from cOVID and do not spread the virus parents, and citizens concerned at this fascistic coercion of citizens to accept an experimental medication are reacting in the only way they can.

Top American COVID Scaremonger Says says if you are worried about Covid vaccine, you’re most likely an insurrectionist who hates authority
20 September 2021: Boggart Blog says Dr Fauci it a lying, cheathing science whore who will say anything if you pay him enough. If you are concerned about reports of links betwen Covid vaccines and blood clots, heart attacks, brain damage and death, far from being an insurrectionist who hates authority you are an intelligent and responsible citizen who thinks for yourself and has a healthy scepticism about the statements of a propagandist for authoritarianism like Fauci.

France: Thousands of Health Workers Who Refused Covid Vaccine Mandate Suspended
The French government have today suspended 3,000 health workers who have defied a manadte requiring all medical personnel to be vaccinated against COVID,The Guardian reports. Announcing the move France’s health minister said that many have since agreed to be inoculated now that they had seen “the mandate was a reality”.

Bombshell: 900 Pages of Top Secret Docs Expose How the Pandemic Was PLANNED
September 13: More than 900 pages of newly released top secret documents on the pandemic expose for the first time through official materials how the US funded deadly coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab through an organization called the EcoHealth Alliance. bombshell 900 pages of top secret docs expose how the pandemic was planned Newly released documents provide details of U.S.-funded research on several types of coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Turning the Tide? No Vaccine Passporrts for England; US States rebel against Biden Vaccine Mandates;
September 12: The British government will not mandate vaccine passports for nightclubs, cinemas, and other large public venues in England after all, Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced on Sunday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has backtracked on controversial plans to introduce vaccine passports domestically and is set to end draconian emergency powers given to the state under the Coronavirus Act, in a major concession to anti-lockdown factions within the Conservative Party.

Violent clashes in Paris as thousands protest over Covid-19 vaccine passports for 9th consecutive week
Once again today thousands of demonstrators poured into the streets of the French capital on Saturday to protest against the the fascistic government of President Emannuel Macron and the proposed coronavirus health pass policy. It was the ninth consecutive weekend that huge protests have disrupted life in French cities. Today’s protest quickly descended into violence with widespread clashes between demonstrators and police.

Harvard professor exposes vaccine passports as “scientific nonsense”
6 September : A Harvard Medical School (HMS) professor has slammed vaccine passports as “scientific nonsense.” HMS professor Martin Kulldorff made the remark following the publication of a study saying natural immunity offers better protection against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) than vaccines. Given the study’s results, Kulldorff remarked that vaccine passports are “discriminatory and unethical.”

How many more young lives will be sacrificed on Gates’s vaccine altar?
It’s remarkable that the man who has become the unelected global health czar and population control advocate is not being questioned on his past more closely. Though we are living through a crisis predicted by Gates and a response triggered and bankrolled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which are driving us towards a vaccination and biometric ID solution which Gates has been working on for years, he’s still regarded as a benign philanthropist.

6 September: Vaccine Passport and Anti – Lockdown Protesters Try To Storm Jab Watchdog’s Headquarters In London
A group of protesters against vaccine passports, lockdowns, mandatory vaccination and mask mandates (inaccurately described as anti – vaccine protestors by mainstream media) attempted to storm the UK’s jabs watchdog offices this weekend.

UK School staff receive threats of violence amid anti-vaccination campaign

Government plans to push their dodgy vaccines onto schoolchildren are meeting opposition. On the back of scientific studies showing children are at zero risk from cOVID and do not spread the virus parents, and citizens concerned at this fascistic coercion of citizens to accept an experimental medication are reacting in the only way they can.

Defund the dons: why we need a new approach to higher education

Back in 1999, Tony Blair, chanting the mantra of “education, education, education, pledge that the Labour government would work towards getting 50% of the young people into university, thus enabling the Britain economy to tap into “the genius of the many” and build a society ready for the oncoming technological revolution, what Blail called 2The Knowledge Economy.” Higher education grants for the academically gifted would be replaced by low interest “student loans” to be repaid when, after graduating, the new, university educated masses achieved a certain leval of income.

University free speech society told free speech a ‘red risk’, external speakers must be vetted

Sheffield University’s recently formed Free Speech Society has been warned that free speech is a “red risk” and all external speakers at events it organises will have to be vetted by the University Thought Police squad and the topics they intend to talk about shown to be in line with ideas and opinions the titty – sucking babies who run the Student Union are not frightened by.

Pupils Shut Out Of School Because They Refuse To Wear Gender Neutral Uniforms
Overshadowed somewhat by the idiocies in Parliament this week as Remain supporting, democratically elected MPs try to overturn the democratically expressed wish of the people and keep the UK in The Fourth Reich politely known as the European Union, the idiocy of politically correct, far left authoritarianism in education goes on.

Students Feel Pressured To Reflect Uinversities Anti-Brexit Bias In Essays

University students have claimed they are being pressured by political activist lecturers into writing essays which pander to the “anti-Brexit bias”in the higher education system, and fear they will be marked down if their work does not comply with the left wing agenda. Students have alleged that free debate on Brexit, and opinions opposed to those of the “Remain” camp is being shut down by lecturers supporting the movement to thwart the democratic will …

Eight Subjects That Ought To Be Part Of The Manadtory Curriculum For Basic Education?
Should subjects like meditation and gardening be part of the school currriculum? Or as one high school in Massachusetts, USA, seems to believe, classes in analyzing conspiracy theories (if taught properly this could help students distinguish between a true conspiracy theory, a fantasy and what is legitimate questioning of official propaganda. The embedded article from Collective Evolution presents some interesting ideas.

Students censored – An Academic Community In A Crisis Of Collectivism.
Intellectual freedom in our universities is under threat from … intellectuals. So overbearing have the left wing screechers of bourgeois politically correct leftism now become that even the universities have surrendered to the intellectual control freakery of cultural Marxism. But if universities are now dedicated to turning out dull minded conformists, what hope is there for western society?

Who Should Make Decision About Childrens’ Welfare, Parents Or Authoritarian Left Wing Schoolteachers?
We like stories about bureaucrats abusing their authority and about schoolteachers (especiall head teachers) letting their inner fascist out of the closet. So a story than combines both, like this tale of a South Yorkshire primary school head who banned packed lunches because out of concern for ‘her’ children’s welfare she wanted them to have no alternative to the nutrition free slop served by the school kitchen.

Poor white pupils put off school by multicultural timetable
Education, should it be about learning to read, write, spell and calculate? Or should it be about feminism, gay rights, black history and ‘gender awareness’ whatever that is? For many years we have had multiculturalism and politically correct thinking rammed down pupils throats but noe a study by a local education department suggests this obsession with politically corret diversity is responsible for the failure of white working class pupils.

Education, Education, Education And To Hell With The Kids
Teaching used to be a vocation and education a high minded calling for those who wished to prepare young minds for adult life by making the process of learning, in the classroom, by discovery and through osmosis, an exciting and fulfilling lifelong process

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Backflipping Boris Says Vaccine Passports for Will Be ‘Feature of Our Life in the Future’

Contrary to what other ministers in his government have been saying recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted earlier this week it is highly probable that vaccine passports for international travel will be a feature of Britons’ lives in the future.

Speaking at a Downing Street press event on Monday evening, the Prime Minister Johnson acknowledged that providing documentation to prove vaccination was a “novel one for our country. We’ve never had this type of question before within the domestic UK economy, within our own home market.”

Johnson continued, according to the Evening Standard: “Though clearly vaccine passports as an idea are not new when it comes to international travel.

“There’s been certificates for things like yellow fever and other diseases in the past, and I’m sure that that will be a feature of our life in the future,” adding “We’re looking at what they’re thinking of in other countries and we’ll be making sure we report back to everybody as soon as we possibly can.”
The head of the British government appears to be attempting to normalise vaccine passports, despite ministers previously claiming that there were no such plans on the books.

This blogging team have always believed the virus crisis was about UN Agenda 2030 and the Davos, gang’s Great Reset which both promote global governance and would give control of sovereign nations to the billionaire members of The World Economic Forum like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and George Soros all of who support a kind of elitist socialism commonly called Cultural Marxism although in his dystiopian novel “1984” George Orwell called it Oligarchic Collectivism.

The traitor and war criminal Tony Blair, a friend of George Soros since meeting him in New York in April 1996 and discovering the Hungarian / American billionaire supported Blair’s “New Labour” policy of ensuring the compliance of the proleteriat in abolishing the rights and freedoms our forebears fought so hard to win, has been pushing mass vaccination programs and vaccine passports globally, for the purpose of restricting the ability of low and middle income people to travel. Easier to manipulate people when they are trapped in prison states with their only source of information a controlled and heavily censored mainstream media industry.

Boris’ latest reversal of his position and suport for another fascistic and human rights violating globalist policy tells us all we need to know about where his government is headed. The policies he is being led to adopt by the cartel of billionaires and his corrupt and dishonest “scientific advisers” are all about global power and money. Blair, now an official adviser to Johnson’s government is the Davos globalist gang’s go-between and fixer.

It has been suggested by political pundits of all shades that during his time in office Tony Blair was running a policy and law department store and fiscal laundry for billionaires and global corporations. Soros was his star client and their New York meeting in’;96 was to plan their financial and political partnership once Blair was in Downing Street. Top of the list was George funding Blair’s Labour Party, rebranded as New Labour in return for all the policy and law he wanted from the UK to advance his progressive ambitions of creating a Marxist world government. Blair’s illegal opening of UK borders to uncontrolled numbers of undocumented migrants and bogus asylum seekers. In addition Blair’s government sold off valuable state, including selling most of our gold reserves cheap to Soros, which Chancellor Gordon brown idiotically justified by saying gold was no longer relevant. A few years later, after the 2008 financial crash, Soros sold the bargiain basement gold at a massive profits. We cannot say who received kickbacks, commissions and bungs of course, suffice to say Blair himself, Brown and New Labour’s <del>slimeball</del> spin doctor in chief Peter Mandelson went from being modestly well off to obscenely rich.

Other laws enacted after lobbying from New Labour donors included devolution and, the imposition of limits on free speech, the signing into laws of unrealistic climate change (responsible for the looming energy crisis as our aging power stations decay while sustainables fail to deliver, and extensions of human rights which selectively grant rights to certain minorities, this creating divisions in society.

If you had enough money or negotiable assets, you could have bought any law or policy you wanted from Tony Blair’s… and now it is becoming clear that Johnson is leading us down the same road to corruption and ruin for the benefit of the globalist billionaires club.

Second floor for Net Zero and Build Back Better; third floor mandatory medical procedures and health passports; third floor regime change wars and colour revolutions; fourth floor gay and transgender propaganda and ‘woke’ indoctrination in schools and universities and on the fifth floor, for really big spenders only, entire government departments, the judiciary, control of information are for sale.

Trade offs, kickbacks, sweetheart deals, commissions and offshore bank accounts? That’s Accounts on the top floor.

The others were laundering since the 1990s, so Johnson and Hancock Ltd, purveyors of policy and law to billionaires, doubtlessly think as Major, Blair and Cameron are worth $75 million plus each, let’s call in the criminal mastermind Tony Blair to make us all rich !

”The Conservatives Have Turned Into Globalist Lapdogs”………..

Soros Sponsored “Democracy Spring” Launches Program Of Civil Disobedience
So there you have it, the ‘radical left’ are sponsored by one of the nastiest, greediest corporate capitalists ever, a shameless advocate of global totalitarian government proposed by theelistist socialist group The Fabian society over a hundred years ago and towards which these supporters of ‘oligarchical collectivism’ have been working ever since.

In Parallel With The Upheaval In European Politics, A Similar Cataclysm Is Happening In The USA Having reported for three or four years now the rise of the anti – Integration parties in European Union member nations, UKIP in Britain, the FN in France, AfD in Germany, Denmakr’s Peoiple’s Party, Five Star and the Liga Nord in Italy, the Sweden Democrats and others in every E U member state, we now look at what is going on in the USA as campaiging for the presidential election gathers pace.

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War On Cash – A Country By Country Guide
More on the global war on cash being waged by ruling elites in parallel with their war on privacy as they try to exert total control over everything.

EU Stitch Up To Promote Euronazi Selmayr Is Typical Of The EU’s Contempt For Democracy “2018-03-15T20:12:22+00:00”> Martin Selmayr – would you buy a used car from this man? (Image: Daily Mail) The former Prime Minister of little Luxembourg (population less than Leicester,)Jean-Claude Juncker who now struts the world stage as if he is important, has worked one of the slimiest political stitch ups ever to ensure his favourite sycophant and chief … Continue reading

Re-Branding Dissent – The Quiet Destruction Of Democracy
Many people, all the contributors to this publication among them, fear that democracy is being destroyed. OK, OK, hipsters will say but ‘we’ve never had democracy’, or, ‘it was destroyed long ago’, but left wing deceit aside, I think its worth actually thinking about how, many forms of democratic expression, effective dissent and peaceful self-determination are being outlawed and abolished in a sustained attack on free speech and civil rights.

How Mainstream Media And The Major Political Parties Are Making Sure Voters Do not Hear The Voices Of Politics’ Most Powerful Critics
As the General Election campaign starts to heat up, we try to shift focus away from the squabbling between Conservative and Labour about who can make the most promises they have no intention of keeping and to the real issues concerning jobs, social breakdown , mass immigration, and loss of national sovereignty.

US Presidents Of The Past warned Against Secret, Shadow Government. By now it should be obvious that peacemake, joybringer and putative aquatic pedestrian Barack Hussein Obama was never really in charge of the US Government. Whatever Obama said would happen, all the American government’s policies ensured the opposit would happen. The embedded article thows some light on how the US government really works

Obama’s Terrible Trade Pact Is a Scam That Must Be Stopped Says Jim Hightower
Having written a book on the evil trade treaty that will transform the democratic nations into corporate oligarchies, we step aside and hand the baton to Jim Hightower of Alternet who is equally outraged about the iniquities of TTIP’s equally evil twin, TPP.

Google Has Become A Threat To Democracy Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, About 10 years ago, Tim Wu, the Columbia Law professor who coined the term network neutrality, made this prescient comment: “To love Google, you have to be a little bit of a monarchist, you have to have faith in the way people traditionally felt about the king.” Wu was right. … Continue reading

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?
The anti – establishment, anti – globalisation mood that manifested itself in the Brexit vote is sweeping across Europe, the cosy government – corporate cartel is desperately trying to control the narrative, but against the combined strength of millions of new media commentators all challenging the official; narrative, the dark forces of globalism are on the back foot.

Is Bilderberg A Sinister Group That Runs The World Or Just A Tea Party For Rich And Powerful People
Are the Bilderberg Group meeting, this weekend in Dresden, Germany, really The Shadow Government (the New World Order, The Illuminati,) that rules the world? The Oligarchy Is Tottering – Trump Tramples The Neocons’ “False Song Of Globalism”
Donald Trump scares the global establishment as do the anti Federalisation parties in the EU. We take a long and detailed look at why, and exactly what the globalist agenda would have meant for freedom and democracy had people not wonken up and opposed it in vast numbers. Kudos to the Islamic Jihad too, medievalist religious nuts they may be, but they resisted American attempt to impose western consumer culture on them.

Turkey Blames Kurds, Assad For Terrorist Attack, Vows Swift Response
Yesterday came the first terrorist attack on Turkish soil. As this blog predicted President Erdogan of Turkey is blaming the Kurds and President Assad of Syria for yesterday’s bomb blast in the Turkish capital which killed and injured many people.It was predictable would the attack would be blamed on Assad and the Kurds, thus giving the nutter Erdogan an excuse to intensify his actions against Assad and the Kurds

If You Look At How Fast Global Trade Is Unravelling, You’ll Get Dizzy
Governments constantly make positive noises about the health of their economies although most people who are in work have felt no improvement on the position they were in after the crash of 2008. Wagest are stangnant, employment has reduced somewhat (see below) and while the banks are printing money and the super rich are widening the gap between themselves and ordinary people faster than ever, the real situation is frightening.

The New World order Pope Wants You To Pray For One World Religion The Marxist, globalist, Soros apparatchik currently posing as head of the Catholic faith wants to scrap the Catholic Church. He didn’t say that in so many words but he has called on Catholics to pray for the creation of a world religion (because love and peace) which would embrace

Democracy Murdered In France
I’m hearing very disturbing news from the French regional elections, predicting that the Front National, comfortable winners in last week’s first round of regional elections, hasve been routed in all regions. For that to happen, and to happen through a massive increase in turnout, suggests electoral fraud on a hughe scale. Or has France joined Britain in adopting the Islamic version of democracy, which is one man one vote, one Imam one thousand votes.

Who Runs America, The White House Or The Shadow Government?
Reports of President Barack Obama’s meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit over the weekend do not look right in the context of yet another blitz of provocative rhetoric from The Pentagon and the Department of Defence towards Moscow. In view of the USA’s constant push towards all out war with Russia, one has to ask who is in control: Obama or the generals?

EU “Sounds Alarm” Over New US Sanctions On Russia; Germany Threatens Retaliation
Late on Friday (21/07/17), Congressional negotiators agreed to advance a cross – party bill that would punish Russia for its (alleged) interference in the 2016 election according to the Wall Street Journal. And while it seems improbable that President Trump would sign the bill if it reaches his desk, the loudest complaint about the bill to date has emerged not from the Oval Office, but from US allies in NATO and the European Union …

Trump catches attention of CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral

Donald Trump is portrayed as a clown by mainstream media and his combover is the silliest I have ever seen. Still, he’s a billionaie so I don’t suppose he gives a flying fuck what The Daily Stirrer thinks of him. Not that we think he is all bad, anyone who attacks Obama’s global naziism trade deals, TTIP and TPP mush have some good points.

Prepare For The Worst Case Scenario
An article on the cashless society our political and corporate overlords are pushing for proposes that as far as privacy and individual liberty are concerned, what is being planned right now in the political capitals and financial centres of the world is the worst case scenarion. An all digital financial system would mean the end of privacy, nothing you bought or traded would be your own business any more …

How Mainstream Media And The Major Political Parties Are Making Sure Voters Do not Hear The Voices Of Politics’ Most Powerful Critics
As the General Election campaign starts to heat up, we try to shift focus away from the squabbling between Conservative and Labour about who can make the most promises they have no intention of keeping and to the real issues concerning jobs, social breakdown , mass immigration, and loss of national sovereignty.

US Presidents Of The Past warned Against Secret, Shadow Government. By now it should be obvious that peacemake, joybringer and putative aquatic pedestrian Barack Hussein Obama was never really in charge of the US Government. Whatever Obama said would happen, all the American government’s policies ensured the opposit would happen. The embedded article thows some light on how the US government really works

The American Political System Is “Not A Democracy Or Constitutional Republic” – Thiel
The state of democracy in the USA has become a hot topic of conversation in American business circles in recent years. While President Barack Hussein Obama, not so much a man as an ego on long skinny legs, has increasingly been inclined to rule by executive order in the manner of a despot or tyrant, even Obama’s fiercest critics have to admit the American electoral system seems increasingly capable of delivering only political paralysis …

U.S. versus Russia War: Top Russian Politics Scolar Stephen Cohen Tells The Truth
We have been blogging for four years about the US drive for war, provocation of Russia in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and elsewhere made it obvious. But I’m just a news junkie with a strong sense of curiosity and have wondered why the US seems set on this course. Good to see experts like Stephen Cohen, a prominent expert on, Russia are coming onside.

Another Reason To Get Out Of EU. UKIP MEP Hits Out At Fishing Policy That Penalises British Fishing Crews
As the General Election campaign starts to heat up, we try to shift focus away from the squabbling between Conservative and Labour about who can make the most promises they have no intention of keeping and to the real issues concerning jobs, social breakdown , mass immigration, and an often overlooked area in which our EU membership has perhaps done more damage than any other, the fishing industry.

Multi-Cultural England: Are You Feeling The Progressive Diversity.
As racial and sectarian tension increase on the streets of britain while politicians gear up for the election campaign, we take a look at the state of Britain today, Imigrant child abuse gangs, Clerics of alient faiths dictating moral strictures, and everywhere we look, foreigners being given provieged status. Is it any wonder the voters are angry?

Christmas Cancelled? Boris To Impose A New Lockdown

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, wearing a face mask or covering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reacts during his visit to Royal Berkshire NHS Hospital in Reading, west of London on October 26, 2020, to mark the publication of a new review into hospital food. (Photo by Jeremy Selwyn / …
The Masked Puppet? Picture: AFP / Getty Image

Information leaked from government sources reveals Boris Johnson plans to impose a second national lockdown in England next week, as government models predict a deadly second wave of the Chinese coronavirus in the winter.

Mr Johnson will reportedly address the nation on Monday to announce the new lockdown measures, which are anticipated to run from next Wednesday until the first of December.

A new “stay at home” order, as well as the closure of all non-essential businesses, including pubs and restaurants, are believed to be in the new national lockdown measures. “Educational settings” such as schools, universities, and colleges are said to be exempt from the restrictions, however.

So let’s get this straight, the advice offered by “scientists” that a new lockdown is needed to stop the “second wave” is based on a mathematical model of the pandemic. Well the first lockdown, which ludicrously overstated the likely consequences of the pandemic, was also based on predictions from mathematical models, and obviously it did not work or we wouldn’t be needing a second lockdown. One has to wonder which group is collectively more insane, scientists or politicians. As the fuckwith scientists have so much confidence in mathematical models perhaps we should all comply with a mathematical model of a lockdown, i.e. carry on as normal, use cash so our transactions cannot be recorded and leave our smartphones at home so our movements cannot be tracked.

As politicians are so fond of banging on about human rights it’s time we let them know we will not tolerate being denied our human rights any longer.

BTW if any business tells you they’re not accepting cash, tell them you are not offering anything else. Might get a couple of knockbacks but if a small percentage of us start doing it businesses will soon get the message.

But back to the second lockdown and those mathematical models. A government source told The Times: “The data is really bad. We’re seeing coronavirus rising all over the country and hospitals are struggling to cope. There has been a shift in our position.” Unfortunately this kind of bureaucratic obfuscation hides the truth of lockdown’s consequences

Report: Cancer Patients Decry Deadly Delays and Cancellations Due to Focus on Covid

Breitbart London

The government has, according to reports, been reluctant to impose another national lockdown, having warned that it could result in a “Hotel California” scenario in which there is no end in sight to the lockdown once it is set in place. Unfortunately the “science” community, funded by the corporate pirates of the Big Pharma cartel and insane, power addicted sociopaths like Bill Gates and George Soros have an agenda that would be well served by a permanent lockdown.Members of the scientific advisory panel have warned the Prime Minister, that with the rising cases (athough deaths from COVI are almost zero,), local lockdowns or even a two-week “circuit breaker” lockdown will be insufficient, and NHS hospitals will be overwhelmed. Haven’t we heard all that before?

The problem for government here is that few people trust “the science” or the fake scientists who are advising Boris Johnson. We know the tests which are identifying this rising number of “cases” is useless because it was not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool, we know that a “case” merely refers to someone who is carrying a trace of the viral DNA (and COVID19 shares much of its DNA with other strains of coronavirus which have infected people every year in recorded history but never prompted a lockdown, we know that COVID does not kill people because the World Health Organisation has admitted that 99% of people whose deaths were recorded as “with COVID-19” had concurrent serious illnesses.

So why this phase 2 Fear and Panic crisis

Boris: Sickbed Conversion To The Cult Of Scientism Or Recruit To The Dark Side


Boris Johnson, lying in intensive care three weeks ago might have experienced at a  personal level the threat that it presents to the body of the nation and the body  politic. But while propagandists point to Boris and tell is in fervid tones, “See, if it can strike The Prme Minister down it can hit any of us,” as if we are all too stupid to remember that, love him or hate him, Boris has had a torrid few months, working long hours, in stressful situations, travelling around the world, fighting an election, seeing Brexit through and then having to deal with ihis pandemic. He must have been drained, and exhaustion will wreck the mammilian immune system as effectively as the lockdown is wrecking the economies of the developed nations.

Covid – 19 will seek vulnerable immune system and attack ruthlessly as if it was desigbed to do just that. The virus does not know what it is doing of course, but that’s how evolution works; it is not a meachanistic process as many who call themselves scientists appear to think. Survival of the fittest does not necessarily mean the biggest, strongest, fastest runners or best fighters although any of those can be an advantage in evolutionary terms, as can having a bullet proof immune system. COVID-19 has proved it is not the monster some research grant phishing scientists and the more hysterical sectors of the media would have us believer. It is surely a nasty virus but the biggest problem it is giving us at the moment is its inconsistency.

Its workings are mysterious. There is still no clear picture of how it spreads. Even in countries that cannot be accused of fiddling their figures there remains no certainty as to how many people are dying of it, let alone how many have contracted it. This has not been helped by misreporting and references  in official statistics to “Coronavirus – related deaths,” rather than giving numbers of peoplw who died prinicpally of COVID-19. To formulate a policy for dealing with the virus, then, is not simply a matter of following ‘the science,’ most of which is science fiction anyway. Even the world’s most brilliant epidemiologists know themselves to be groping after solutions in fog. There is no self-evident path to defeating SARS-Cov-2.

Having said, it is still difficult to to accept that the Prime Minister, during the fortnight he has spent at his official retreat, Chequers, convalescing after a bout of serious illness some cynics have said seemed perfectly timed and far too convenient, will not have reflected on whether, in the days before he was rushed to hospital, he might possibly have done things differently.

The Government’s campaign against Covid-19 started well, with the government looking at the statistics and seeing that the virus disproportionately attacked the old and frail, the chronically ill and those with compromised immune systems.A cynic might conclude it could have been designed to be used by a brutally tyrannical anauthoritarian regime that wanted to cull its ‘useless eaters’ to borrow a phrase from Nazi Germany especially when we consider the suspected origins of COVID – 19

Taking note of these things our government’s initial plan was to protect the old and those with chronic health problems and known vulnerabilities and, following the advice of serious epidemiologists, let the outbreak run its course as these waves of infection historically tend to run out of steam after two or three months. Such balanced and level headed scientific advice is ignored however, in favour of more lurid and sensational narratives.

What shocked the public most at the height of the panic was the sheer hysteria that hit the airwaves and newsprint. Suddenly the disgraceful and discredited Professor Neil Ferguson was coming out with the same hysterical numbers as he did with foot and mouth, swine flu, bird flu, MERS and BSE. What…..we all asked, was he even still doing in the job, let alone advising the government,

Someone in the civil service must have had a hotline to the media and I suspect it has something to do with Bill Gates and his billions, Gates has assiduously been trying to insert himself into this crisis, yet have no qualifications in biology or medicine. But that would not stop a man of such monstrous arrogance, he had no qualifications or professional experience when he foisted a shoddy operating system for small computers on the world.

Boris must ask himself why he was so easily swayed from a well thought out plan by a media he knows is against his government, and a suspicion he must have had of another civil service attempt at sabotaging the government. Surely he could have stood back and asked for a second or third opinion. After all there are very many laboratories who do not rely on globalist millions who are just as capable of giving sound advice.

If I had a three times failed professor showing me a model very similar to those previously overhyped models, all my antennae would be bouncing around. I suppose we are seeing the result of a sclerotic and lazy civil service who think they can make mistakes and slide into the shadows, leaving ministers to take the can. Boris needs to now get a grip with the civil service and indeed Imperial College and kick them out of touch.

Prior to his illness, the only ideal that ever seemed to stir Johnson to matching flourishes of emotion was what he has always lauded as Britain’s “ancient and basic freedoms” — but, standing outside No 10 on the day of his return to active duty, he insisted once again that the need to save the NHS from being overwhelmed to priority over releasing us all from house arrest. Before he fell ill, Boris had spoken od a laissez fair approach, allowing the general population to develop herd immunity. Now he speaks of lockdown measures continuing indefinitely unless a vaccine is found. One has to wonder was he got at whike in hospital by wannabe Galactic Emperor Bill Gates who has called for  lockdown measures to remain in place and public gatherings be banned until every human on the planet has been vaccinated. It will not come as a surprise  to many to learn that Mr. Gates owns via his “charitable” foundation, a vaccine developer and manufacturer.

From his words, spoken outside Downing Street yesterday Boris appears to have lost his nerve, he no longer speaks as one prepared to stand up to the “scientists” of the academic commmunity (aka CHIMPS – Completely Hopeless In Most Practical situations) or the bureaucrats of The United Nations and its various offshoots. He must become a hawk and rescue the UK. With an non – functioning economy there will be vastly reduced tax revenue, no money for the NHS, welfare payments and other public sector services. The longer lockdown continues the more self employed workers and private sector companies go bust so the welfare bill goes up as tax revenue is driven down still further . Public sector workers you are safe now and enjoying your sun tan paid by the private sector but if money reduces even your jobs are in danger. But Boris, who was actutely aware of these things now seems oblivious to all except the advice of incompetent and discredited scientists and that charlatan Bill Gates who is interested only in advancing the interests of his vaccine company.

It appears to me he’s been lured to The Dark Side by Galatic Emperor Palpatine Gates. Was he given one of the Gates Foundations secret vaccines while he was in hospital perhaps? The Microsoft founder has spoken publicly of using vaccines to reduce population and control behaviour. And something must have immunised Boris against common sense.

Sensible members of the public and a number of private hospitals were saying the Government should stick with  the original plan, we are not stupid, we can read the statistics and understand that COVID – 19 does not cause serious illness in the majority of us . The electorate was fully behind Boris when he was talking in those terms and we are a sensible law abiding country. However if the lockdown contunues and increasingly ridiculous news stories are used to justify iy, there will be civil unrest

What shocked the majority was the sheer hysteria that hit the airwaves. Suddenly that disgraceful and discredited Professor Neil Ferguson was coming out with the same hysterical numbers as he did with foot and mouth, swine flu, SARS, MERS and BSE. And our elected leaders, on advice from their civil servants were listening to him.

Someone in the civil service must have had a hotline to the media and I suspect it has something to do with Bill Gates and his billions, after all Imperial College London, where Ferguson is a tenured professor receives massive injections of funding from The Gates Foundation.

Boris must ask himself (and when he has a credible answer, tell us,)  why he was so easily swayed from a well thought out plan by a media he knows is against his government, and a suspicion he must have had of another civil service attempt at sabotaging the government. Surely he could have stood back and asked for a second or third opinion. After all there are very many laboratories who do not rely on globalist millions who are just as capable of giving sound advice.

When a failed professor witha 100% RECORD OF BEING WRONG ON PANDEMIC PREDICTIONS showS US a model very similar to those previously overhyped models, the news industry’s antennae should be bouncing around. Instead we are seeing the result of a sclerotic and lazy civil service who think they can make mistakes and slide into the shadows, leaving ministers to take the can. Boris needs to now get a grip with the civil service and indeed Imperial College and kick them into touch.

Breaking: Corbynistas resort to fascist tactics to shut down opposition.

We are just learning that /Nasty, neo – Nazi supporters of the far – left, Jew hating Labour party, it’s Trotskyite leader Jeremy Corbyn and his propaganda chief, the Stalinist John McDonnell, have mobbed the market hall in the small Lancashire town of Westhoughton, where Boris Johnson was due to meet voters and traders today.

According to reports from local radio stations Johnson’s visit was cancelled at short notice due to what the Conservative Party describe police  “security concerns”.

A group of protesters had gathered before the Prime Minister’s arrival.

One witness tweeted: “The police have now arrived and Westhoughton Market is in lockdown after market traders say protestors tried to force their way in.”

There was a similar incident  in Rochester, Kent yesterday, when rabid, neo – fasist Labour supporters forced the cancellation of a walkabout after police fears that the feral hysterial that drives left wing hatred of anyone who disagrees with them would override civilised values and in their frenzied determination to tear the Prime Minister to sheds, the drug crazed, anti – Semitic crusties would injure or even kill members of the public.

Can any sane person believe a party that encourages such sociopathic paskudnyaks are fit to run the country?

As the loony left tried to claim Boris is chickening out of facing the people, but conservative sources say (correctly according to law,) that the police have the final say and that security considerations determine what happens.

Free Speech Murdered

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Leavers Decry Boris’ Deal But RemainersAre Panicking


As Britain gears up for a General Election on December 12, accusations fly from both sides in the Brexit debate about Boris Johnson’s deal.

“It’s a betrayal, not really Brexit, it will leave us still subject to EU laws and trade regulations,” Leave supporters say.

“It will trash our economy, destroy the value of the pound, cause massive increases in unemployment and leave us politically isolated in a hostile world,” say the people who for three years have tried all sorts of stunts to thwart Brexit.

So where does that put the majority of us who voted Leave on the basis of a considered review of evidence rather than some ideological agenda?

No, you can’t always get what you want
No, you can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime, you just might find
You get what you need

So sang the rolling stones more years ago than I care to remember. It was good advice that I, as a Leave voter who voted LEAVE (in capital letters), not leave with a dodgy deal, leave but stay in a customs union and subject to EU laws and certainly not “think about leaving and then decide to have another referendum,.” after my experience of working for the EU I wanted a clean break.

But I was under no illusions, you can’t always get what you want annd knowing the political and legal establishment, the media, much of the business community and academe were rabidly pro EU and all that it stands for it would have been unreasonable to expect we’d get clean away.
The EU did not want to let us go, our own political parties and opinion makers were hopelessly divided and gave no leadership, .and when the Conservative Party backroom deal makers shoehorned Theresa May into Downing Street I almost plunged into despair.

Boris’ deal is not great, there are some strings attached that may be hard to break, but unlike the Leavers who are claiming it is a betrayal or it is the same as May’s deal, I’m willing to give him a chance.He called the EU’s bluff and managed to convince them he was serious enough about No Deal to make them reopen May’s surrender treaty and not only secure some concessions but also open a few gates to amending the terms of our relationship with the EU later.

And we have dates at which various states of the transition will be completed.

So let’s not fool ourselves that a ‘no deal’ exit would have meant totally in the EU, totally out the next, that was never going to happen just as when two commercial organisations merge they do not become a new organisation overnight.

I did not get what I wanted, but given that Boris and his team have rescued us from May’s awful deal, I’ll settle for what is on offer for the present and keep working to expose the EU for the Cultural Marxist project it is, hoping that in some small way I can influence our politicians to progressively increase the distance between London and Brussels and encourage voters in other EU states to step up the pushback agains the EU Commission’s imperal ambitions.

After all it might be what we need to strike a bow at the foundations of the European project to create a federal superstate from Europe;s sovereign nations.

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Parliament’s Problem With Brexit

The verdict of the Supreme Court, that Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament, NOT for the purpose of stopping pro EU factions from preventing the UK having a no strings break from the EU as a (long overdue) result of the 2016 referendum, and it’s result which surprised the elites and the citizens of our recently renamed capital city Wankeristan, has divided the country even more deeply than the brexit vote itself.

Answers given to this question posed on reveal that above all, the pro EU side, while totally opposed to referenda which do not return the result they want, are quite happy with judges who overreach their judicial authority and usurp the lawmaking powers of parliament to their unelected selves, so long as their verdict is the one Remain supporters want.

What does it say about Boris Johnson when 11 senior judges unanimously call his prorogue unlawful and he still says they are wrong?


What does it say about the judiciary when 11 Supreme Court Justices ignore the law because they are determined to stitch up Boris Johnson. Article 9 of the Bill Of Rights (1689) clearly states that “That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament;”

The Supreme Court Justices, showing that they are corrupt rather than stupid although they may well be both, chose to pretend they believed proroguation was not part of the normal proceedings of parliament. In fact it is a routine process that must be performed in order that one parliamentary session can be ended and another one begun.


Mark Gallaway

You are incorrect. They determined in this case that no reason was given and no reasonable reason could be given for suspending Parliament for five weeks. They are saying the the PM does not have the right to suspend Parliament for no reason or for a length of time not consistent with the reasoning for the suspension.

If this had not been up held the Government could close Parliament indefinitely. That clearly should not be allowed.

I also notice that you are calling these judges corrupt with any evidence.



I have plenty of evidence that the Supreme Justices are corrupt and repeatedly find in favour of certain interest groups, and that the Supreme Court is a politcal device created by Tony Blair to rule on constutional matters he could never hope to get past parliament, and that its members are not the most senior judges in the land but most of it is not relevant to this question, is far too long to summarise meaningfully in a comment and is being fully covered by online news and commentary sites like Unherd and Spiked.

The point people are missing here is that these court cases need not have happened had the combined opposition parties tabled a no confidence motion and brought down the government or supported one of the governments attempts to call an early election. Instead the opposition decided to put their political interests ahead of the national interest and leave us without an effective government rather than face the prospect of losing an election..

The opposition’s problem is while there is no majority in parliament for Leave means Leave, there is also no majority for Leave With Theresa May’s Deal or Remain, and the as long as parliament will not allow Leave With No Deal, the EU will not agree to renegotiate May’s withdrawal agreement.

Most of the comments on the Quora question above and the Supreme Court ruling on the proroguation of parliament (including my own I have to admit,) went with the respondant’s wider position on Brexit, but it is interesting to note that of the answers from people who claimed legal expertise, none mentioned this rather important fact:

The eleven justices all made a single judgment; there was no dissenting opinion, which is odd considering that equally senior judges including the Lord Chief Justice, the President of the Queen’s Bench Division and the Master of the Rolls already made a decision which was precisely the opposite of that of the Supreme Court decided.

Now clearly those Remain supporters who claimed that legally the Supreme Court judges are the most senior legal authorities in the land have far less knowledge of the judicial hierarchy than one would expect from legal professionals. Perhaps the fact that the Supreme Court is not an ancient and venerable institution but a recent politically innovation created at the behest of the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair and packed with New Labour political appointees (probably for the purpose of protecting Blair and his cronies from justice should their war crimes and acts of treason ever be prosecuted,) has something to do with it.

It is widely suggested that the whole of the judiciary has a pro – EU bias, ans the Supreme Court Justices are not the first to allow their political prejuduces to overrule their duty of impartiality.

The judge in the Robin Tilbrook case, in which the plaintiff argued that Theresa May had overreached her authority in agreeing an extension to Article 50 without putting it to parliament and therefore the UK had legally left the EU on March 19, 2019, in the words of Tlbrook’s case, ” wilfully deliberately knowingly and intentionally failed to declare his ‘conflicts of interest'” – which by the way mainstream media failed to inform the people about!

The MSM could not report honestly about the judge’s conflict of interest, because they would then have to explain what the case was about. What scant coverage it was given presented Tilbrook, a legal professional, as an obsessive nutcase driven by hatred of the European Union The Establishment are desperate to suppress any mention of the Tilbrook case, which is why there were been a total news blackout about it. If the Tilbrook case was generally known about, then there would be inexorable public pressure for Robin Tilbrook to at least be given a fair hearing. Any fair, impartial court would almost certainly find in Robin Tilbrook’s favour – and we would immediately be out of the EU. Hence the total news blackout. 

Judge LJ Hickinbottom ruled Tilbrook’s claim ‘Totally Without Merit’. Hickinbottom is a Fellow of the European Legal Institute and therefore sworn to promote EU law throughout the ‘Community’ as well as the recipent of many lucrative commissions by virtue of holding that position.
Biased, much?

The EU is of course a lawers’ wet dream, the giant bureaucracy produced swathes of new laws every week, most so arcane only an army of lawyers could interptret them in any meaningful way. The practice of Law mis certainly the fastest growing industry in the EU and given the collapse of manufacturing and agriculture due to the burden of bureaucratic law placed on producers might sooon be the largest industry.

The Daily Stirrer, September 2019 
British MEP Reveals Undemocratic EU Stitch Up Of Top Jobs

Don’t Pannick, Captain Johnson, Don’t Pannick

Gina Miller. Boris Johnson and The High Court

Having concluded ]it’s three-day hearing in a case that will determine whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament for five weeks was lawful or not the judges, most of who displayed a definite anti – Brexit bias during the proceedings, must now ponder the legal – and not the political implications of the case. Their Lordships should bear in mind, though if the Remain factions wins the argument they will not, that the English ill Of Rights, which became law in 1689, states unequivocally, “That the freedom of speech, and debates or proceedings in parliament, ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of parliament.”

Picture: Zero Hedge

Lord Pannick QC

The decision of the justices is expected early next week. As thus point, it is imposssible to predict a verdict, but should they let their own political prejudices interfere with their oath of impartiality and rule that the suspension was indeed unlawful, that ruling would mean that technically the prorogation actually never happened.

Lord Pannick QC, the lawyer who represents the lead plaintiff, lawyer, millionaire businesswoman and Brazilian totty Gina Miller, told the court that Speaker Bercow should then be entitled to reconvene parliament as early as next week. Furthermore legal pundits who have obviously not familiarised themselves with the quoted clause from the Bill Of Rights are claiming Prime Minister Johnson, who effectively stands accused of lying to the Queen about his motives to suspend parliament, could face jail time. This is bollocks, to refer back to the Bill of Rights , debates or proceedings in parliament, ought not to be impeached or questioned in ANY court.”

Ah yes, but that act was passed 330 years ago, and times have changes the rabid Remainers screech, showing their usual disregard for the law when the law denies them what they want. It was passed 330 years ago, but until it is repealed by act of parliament it stands. And as for Johnson misleading The Queen, that’s bollocks too, we cannot know what was actually said in their exchange because conversations between Monarch and Prime Minister are private and are never discussed publicly but The Monarch has her own legal and constitutional advisers who would not allow her to be conned or bullied into doing anything of uncertain legality

While this would be sensational stuff in normal times, and possibly force the resignation of Mr. Johnson, these are not normal times. The opposition having twice voted down acts proposed by the government to advance Brexit, have on each occasion declined to call a vote of confidence and force an election (because they know they would lose,) and have twice voted down government efforts to call an election, thus leaving the country paralyzed politically in their determination to thwart the democratic will and stop the UK leaving The Fourth Reich The EU in line with the result of the 2016 referendum. Reports circulating in political circles suggest Boris Johnson’s government  is already publicly contemplating whether, should a Remainer alliance in the Supreme Cort and parliament force the recall of parliament, the government might immediately impose a further suspension and thus run down the clock to our default leaving date, October 31st. If you are a Leave supporter there’s no need to Pannick yet, there are a few more constitutional tricks available to Boris and every silly stunt aimed at stopping Brexit ensures that when the inevitable election is held, the defeat of Labour and The Liberal Democrats is completely crushing.

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Don’t Pannick, Captain Johnson, Don’t Pannick

How Much Does The UK Actually Send To The EU
Big kerfuffle this week over Conservative leadership contender Boris Johnson facing trial for his claim, during the EU Referendum campaign, that Britain sends £350million a week to Brussels. Originally the Remainers claimed somebody in the Leave camp had said all the money would go to the NHS. Nobody actually said that but if fanatics want something to be true, they can easily convince themselves it is.

UK Given 12 Days To Agree Brexit Deal Amid Chaotic Court Scenes Over Parliament Prorogation

The debate over Boris Johnson’s bid to negotiate a Brexit deal within deadlines agreed by his predecessor is going on amid amid a fierce legal battle in the UK Supreme Court that entered a third day on Wednesday. The case is in esssence a bid by the Labour and Liberal Deomcrat parties to usurp power without having to face an election which Labour would surely lose, while political minnows The Liberal Democrats would fall well short of a majority.

Legal challenges to the government argued Johnson suspended the Parliament to silence the MPs over the EU exit, while the prime minister had earlier referred to the move as one scheduled to pave the way for the Queen to deliver a speech on the country’s legal course for the upcoming year. He stressed the prorogation had been given royal consent, with Mr Rees-Mogg, who travelled to Balmoral for the Queen’s approval, hitting back it was “nonsense” to suggest she had been misled over the decision.

One has to believe Rees – Mogg, the Monarch has her own team of legal advisers would would have told herr to withhold the Royal Assent from anything of dodgy legality.

The defence in the Supreme Court on behalf of the UK government is arguing the decision to prorogue Parliament was a political matter and is not in the courts’s jurisdiction.

Earlier in September, Boris Johnson suspended MPs’ work for five weeks (a period which included what would have been a four week break for party conferences, with the parliamentarians not scheduled to return until 14 October after the combined opposition, having voted down government proposals to effect Brexit, twice ducked the opportunity to force an election and voted down government motions to hold an election election, as the  debate in the country around a no-deal exit from the EU became exceptionally heated, totally polarising the nation.

Despite having rejected the opportunity to put the dispute to the electorate, MPs voted en masse for a bill that forces the prime minister to delay Brexit until the end of January if there is no agreed trade deal with the EU.

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Brussels breaucrats in panic over Johnson’s tactics of taking Brexit to individual leaders.

While some Brexit supporters are furious that Boris Johnson’s initiative of meeting leaders of the EU’s main economic powers individually is some kind of betrayal and has moved us away from the likleyhood of a ‘no deal’ departure from the EU , this blog disagrees. Our opposition to the EU is not to our trading with the bloc, but to the surrender of sovereignty over our lawmaking process, border controls, defence, foreign and economic policies to Brussels. So long as we are leaving the EU and repatriating those things and control of our fisheries, agriculture and ability to negotiate our own treaties on trade, defence, migration and other areas of international relations we’re happy. Any deal that does not involve acceptance of the supremacy of EU law, uncontrolled immigration, a customs union (or an Irish backstop,) or accepting the EU’s right to negotiate treaties on our behalf is fine.

Boris Johnson seems to understand this, Theresa May did not. Her team, hamstrung by May’s belief that we could not leave without a deal, caved in to EU demands that we agree certain conditions before negotiations could begin. This put Britain in the position of a supplicant. Johnson, if his position is genuine, has shown he is prepared to lead the UK out of the Union without a deal and suddenly after months of insisting Theresa May’s  disastrous deal was the only one possible.

Now faced with the reality that we can leave without a deal, the French and Germans are suddenly wiling to negotiate. As Donald Trump said, in any negotiation the worst thing you can do is let the other party know you are unwilling to walk away without a deal.

Yesterday, after meeting Johnson, France’s Emmanuel Macron, up to now the most hardline pro-EU leader, has described the Brexit ball as now in the UK’s court. He said, while the bloc does not want a no-deal exit, it would be ready if it happened.

Florian Phillipot leader of the far-right The Patriots party, commented. “Kudos to Boris Johnson, whose will and resolve have helped the UK get out of the EU, “Ultra-Europeans are in distress because Brexit is finally happening. This goes to show that when you push back against threats and blackmail, you can get things done.”  ” he added.

Johnson, who has pledged to deliver Brexit no matter what, told the French president that he believed it was possible to agree a new deal before the October 31 deadline. He wants the hotly-contested Irish border backstop to be struck out of the current deal, which the EU has so far refused to renegotiate.

“Let’s get Brexit done, let’s get it done sensibly and pragmatically and in the interests of both sides and let’s not wait until October 31. Let’s get on now in deepening and intensifying the friendship and partnership between us,” he said.

Europe Unglued