Snowflake Special: Snowflake Professor blasts students for walking out of patronising lecture.

by Arthur Foxake
Story is a bit out of date but I sent it to drafts instead of live posts.

Students Walk Out of ‘Patronising’ Sexual Consent Class

We have been planning to start a run of posts on the plague of special snowflakism currently suppressing free speech and attacking the individials right to hold opinions that diverge from the dogmas of politicall correct fascism. Better late than never, so brace yourselves snowflakes, we’rew going to give you a rough ride.

In October 2016 the ‘Women’s Officer’ (Mother Hen) at the University of York labelled students “dangerously naive” after they responded to the imlementation of sexual consent classes, walking out en mass because they felt they were being “patronised”.

Students Union officers argued the “gender neutral” lessons were necessary to protect first-year students’ “physically and mental wellbeing”, following the nationwide moral panic concerning a supposed campus “rape crisis”. This rape crisis is not like the rape crises in Sweden and Germany where victims are gang raped by immigrants of a certain religion and lef bloody and broken, not is it like the mass rape cases in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Birmingham and many other large town where young girls living in council; care were targeted by men of a certain religion and used as sex slaves. No, some of these university rapes involve young women going to be with men, having sex and then any time from the morning after up to several months later deciding they did not want to do it after all. Needless to say these stupid slappers are supported by feminist groups.

Around a quarter of the 5,000 youngsters summoned defiantly decided to leave the event, arguing that they did not need the lecture or wish to be framed as “potential rapists” by the feminist Women’s Officer.

“We’re Women’s Officers at the University of York. Earlier this year, we were elected after a cross-campus ballot in which we pledged to run consent talks. On Tuesday 27 September, we did just that”, wrote furious Student Union official Lucy Robinson, responding to the protest.

“If you’ve eaten a lasagne, would you automatically consider yourself an expert on Italian cuisine? Probably not. So why then, do we assume that 18-year-olds are experts on sexual consent, just because a number of them will have had sexual experiences?” she argued. Some one should have told her, “Calm down dear, Italian cuisine is a tad more complex than sexual consent.” In fact the act of eating a lasagne may render one knowledgeable about the item you have just eaten, but not knowledgeable on all Italian cuisine. Osso buco, Spaghetti alle Vongole , Cioppino or Chicken Cacciatorere all very different things to lasagne, just as missionary position, blow job, tie and tease or a bit of mild S & M are all different types of sex (and just don’t go anywhere near The Dutch Reverse Steamboat).

Third-year activist Ben Froughi did not agree. He distributed flyers outside the event, informing students that they had no obligation to sit through the classes, and encouraging them to take a stand. Quite right, if she says yes you are OK to keep going until she says no. On the other hand she cannot reasonable claim rape if she only says, No, stop! after you have stopped.

“When handing out the flyers to the final group of the day, one fresher stood beside me and shouted towards the group waiting to enter, ‘We don’t consent to consent talks!’ which got a laugh,” Mr. Froughi told York’s student paper Nouse.

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 17.23.31

“Consent talks are patronising; if students really need lessons in how to say yes or no then they should not be at university”, he argued.

“There is no ‘correct’ way to negotiate getting someone into bed with you. In suggesting that there is consent talks, perhaps most damaging of all, encourage women to interpret sexual experiences that have not been preceded by a lengthy, formal and sober contractual discussion as rape.

“Consent talks propagate the backward message that all women are potential victims and all men potential rapists”, he said.

However, the National Union of Students (NUS) guidelines state that universities have a duty to tell freshers the legal definitions of rape and sexual assault, citing wolf-whistles, heckling and jokes about rape as common examples of harassment. Well yes, but where does wise advice stop and self righteous stupidity start? In California there have been moves by the politically correct clueless cunts who run the US state to make men obtain written consent before they get down to serious business. This only made California and the politically correct paskudniaks who run the state governmen an even bigger laughing stock than when they tried to extend full human righs to goldfishes.

The National Union of Students commissioned a report in 2014 claiming that one in five students will experience some form of sexual harassment during their first week of term.
The stats were widely discredited, however, when it was revealed that to the warped, bigoted misandrious mindset of fat, ugly lezzas feminists “unwanted sexual advances”, such as asking a girl to dance, or offering to buy her a drink were classed as harassment .

York’s Feminist Students Union has hit the headlines before after they banned events marking International Men’s Day less than 24 hours after a male student at the University killed himself.
Around 200 staff, students and alumni described the idea of “equality for everyone” as “misogynistic rhetoric” and argued that a Men’s day was wrong “because women are structurally unequal to men”.

Well yes girls, you are structurally unequal to men because we are genetically programmed to take the bullet or blade, fight the monster or swin across the raging torrent to save your lives, so shut the fuck up or in future buy your own drinks and fight your own monster. Oh and if you decide to do a bit of prick teasing for fun, you may be lucky and only encounter gentlemanly types, but don’t always rely on a good outcome.


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Racist Student Union Officer says ‘I Can’t be Racist’

Bahar Mustafa, the student union political correctness officer who notoriously banned white people and men from an event promoting equality and then tweeted on a hashtag ‘killallwhitemen’ has claimed she “cannot be racist” because she is an ethnic minority woman.

Bahar Mustafa – she could make a little career as a Kate Bush lookalike but I don’t fancy her chances of getting a job in the diplomatic service (Image source)

The Goldsmiths University’s student union welfare and diversity officer sparked a backlash when she told white people and men they should not attend an event on “diversifying the curriculum”.

She posted on Facebook: “Invite loads of BME Women and non-binary people!! Also, if you’ve been invited and you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME just cos I invited a bunch of people and hope you will be responsible enough to respect this is a BAME, Women and non-binary event only.”

(WTF is a non binary person, is the silly tart referring to people who don’t own a computer or smartphone?)

Her comments were branded “laughable” and “patronising” by fellow students.
And Goldsmiths University (??? – when did Goldsmiths University set up shop and what former Woolworths store does it occupy) said it had written to the union to “express concern” at the comments, and added: “We are proud of our diverse community and do not tolerate any form of oppression, including racism, sexism or any other form of bigotry.”

But Ms Mustafa, 27, has hit back in the row, describing the backlash over her Facebook post as “only one in a series of attacks upon minority women on campus.”

In a statement read out to fellow students, she accused the media of embarking on a “witch hunt and shameful character assassination”. The evil, racist bastards went too far when they told the truth about her.

She said: “There have been charges laid against me that I am racist and sexist towards white men.

“I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender. Therefore, women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.(OMFG, she’s illiterate as well as stupid and bigoted.)

We can only reply, “If all the minority females at Goldsmiths are sexist bigots like you dear, it is any wonder people insult them? And while we are at at is your name suggests you are a Muslim, does your husband know you are involved in this lezza / Trotskyite shite when you should be at home cleaning and cooking for him?

Upright Micturation: A Great Victory For Male Human Rights

The right to pee standing up will not easily be surrendered by European men. (Source)

Feminists may screech about equality in the workplace, the GayBLT community get they knickers in a twist about same sex marriage, Muslims claim the right to sell their daughters to the highest bidder, Labour supporters demand the right to be offended on behalf of people who are not themselves offended, Americans are very jealous of their right to have more rights than anyone else, but there is one right the men of northern Europe hold dear. And it has been under threat.

There are those on the left who would deny us the right to piss standing up. The politically correct busybodies have even gone to court in a big to deprive us of this right.

Fortunately common sense prevailed when a court in Dusseldorf, Germany ruled that it is permissible for men to urinate while standing.

The ruling came after a landlord in the sixth most populous city in Germany sought nearly $2,855 in damages to repair a bathroom floor. The landlord claimed the floor had “lost its sheen” by being regularly sprinkled with urine by a male tenant.

“Despite growing castration domestication of men in this matter, urinating while standing up is still common practice,” said Judge Stefan Hank, who added that damage to marble floors from urine is virtually unknown.

Whadda we want boys? Sticky Balls

Important new for me of a certain age:

Whadda we want boys? Sticky Balls. When do we want ’em? Now!

I was probably as gobsmacked as you on first seeing this information; “Sticky Balls stop cancer from spreading. Visions of smearing Tate and Lyles Black Treacle over my scrotum before going out every day suddenly made cance seem like an attractive option.

And imagining my wife’s reaction when she had to wash my underwear made suicide by immersing myself in agricultural slurry an appealing prospect.

But it’s true apparently, according to the latest medical research there are great benefits to be had from sticky balls. According to research carried out at Cornell University, USA, “sticky balls” can destroy tumour cells in the blood and may prevent cancers spreading.

Scientists at Cornell report they have designed nanoparticles that stay in the bloodstream and kill migrating cancer cells on contact.

They said the impact was “dramatic” but there was “a lot more work to be done”. Well yeah, I imagine persuading men to have sticky balls will be tougher than selling vasectomies.

One of the biggest factors in life expectancy after being diagnosed with cancer is whether the tumour has spread to become a metastatic cancer. About 90% of cancer deaths are related to metastases,” said lead researcher Prof Michael King.

OK boys, get a supply of treacle in just to be ready.

When men first stood erect.

Archaeologists have believed for some time that it was about two million years ago when men first stood erect. Were that the case it would be a trbute to the efficacy of viagra that we can still get up.

A recent discovery suggests however our ancestors took that all important step from being hairy arsed knuckle draggers (Australopithicus Hairyarsus) and set us on the road to homo sapiens sapiens (Man who knows he knows.)

Fossilised footprints found in layers of sediment in the bottom of a deep fat fryer found as researchers were excavating the remains of Darren and Karens hot food van in a prehistoric settlement that it is tought was once a lay by on the A40 London to Oxford Road will, say the team leaders, change our view of human evolution if authenticated.

Dr. Paul Eolithic, Professor of antiquities at Brassneck College, Oxford sounded a not of caution however. He said the age of Darren and Keren has been misoverestimated, in fact their descendants are still living on the nearby Blackbird Leys estate. Dr. Eolithic recalls being disturbed by the couple while having a bunk up with a girl student in a Ford Zephyr. They were locking up after a late night and thought the car might have beendriven by members of the notorious Carnera Brothers gan who controlled the hamburger and hotdogs trrade in Reading.

The Professor may be right but remains of organic material from a Morris Oxford discovered nearby have been carbon dated at three million years old. Again experts are divided however, some insisting that exposure to ancient chip fat would accelerate the ageing process.

Bog Butter
Mankind’s greatest invention

It’s The Smell Of Alpha Males That Attracts Women

Women Can’t Resist The Smell Of Alpha Males according to new research reported in today’s Daily Mail science section. (If you think Daily Mail and science should never appear in the same sentence just read on, this is good stuff.)

Alpha males have a smell all of their own, one that triggers certain hormonal reactions in women, the research paper reports.

It is thought the phenomenon helps women sniff out alpha males, in the belief they will provide them with healthy children.
The scented signal may also provide wimps with a subtle warning that there is a superior male nearby who is not to be messed with.
It is often said that horses sweat, men perspire and women glow. now we know that real men put out pussy magnetism smells.

Macho men have a different type of body odour to others, research has found …

So that’s another of life’s great mysteries sorted. Now we know why some blokes have a big, red, hairy arse.

More humour every day at Boggart Blog

Stone Throwing Chimp Shocks Scientists

Good News For Older Men, New Treatment Blasts Prostate Cancer.

One of the biggest health worries for men my age is the possibility of developing prostate cancer. It is astounding to think the tiny prostate gland, no bigger than a walnut and tucked away warm and safe up our bottom holes can cause so much trouble. Cancer of the prostate is a killer though if it is not diagnosed and treated early enough.

If the disease is not identified early the only solution is major surgery on your rectum. Many men survive this but always seem to live a half arsed life after the operation and of course it ruins their sex life.

It is good news then for middle aged men (60 is the new 40, I’m not effing middle aged yet OK?) that medical researchers have found a chemical that can destroy prostate cancer…


We are told the side effects are no worse than eating a meal of faggots and peas.

We can only hope however that medical professionals always remember to slather plenty of KY on the stuff before administering the treatment.


We Made Love
Orignial story on dynamite and prostate cancer

Things Not To Do In The Delivery Suite: A Guide For Prospective Fathers

When I were nobbut a lass, there were many jokes, cartoons and comedy sketches involving birth.
In all these instances birth was depicted as something that took place behind closed doors whilst the husbands paced up and down in the corridor, awaitng the news.

By the time Ian was procreating men were allowed into the delivery room and 10 years later when I got round to it myself it was absolutely de-riguer to have ones partner present not only at the birth but at all the shenanigans leading up to it, general info from the district nurses about what would happen over the ensuing seven months of pregnancy and on into the early years of the babies life, hospital appointments, scans, ante-natal classes, maternity-home visits, the whole shoot and shebang.

When we compared notes, my contempories and I, there were some hilarious stories about men turning green, mistaking the umbilical cord for the penis -never quite worked that one out myself unless there are some men wandering about whose penises comprise two tubes twisted around one another and covered in transluscent skin, god I couldn’t touch pasta spirals with tomato sauce for years after the birth of BBC – throwing up, getting high on the gas and air and falling asleep in the corner as they got bored with the waitng and moaning, and thus missing the whole thing anyway.

Now, of course, there are vast herds of friends, relatives and probably passing drunks just looking for somewhere to spend a warm hour or so, all armed with their mobile phones to photograph or video the event and forward it to their totally uninterested friends, well if they were interested they’d be there wouldn’t they? or post up on YouTube.

And I imagine that never in their wildest misgivings did those avant garde obstetricians of the sixties and seventies think that at some point in the future one of those imminent fathers would not be there, awestruck, holding his partner’s hand and breathing with her, but caressing the midwofe’s neck and telling her she was cute, before making a lunge for her breasts.
He was, of course, evicted from the delivery room and I should imagine it will be a long time before he is allowed back into the marital bed.