Transgender trials and Tribulations

Out collective eye was caught by this report today.

Caitlyn Jenner Experienced ‘Sex Change Regret,’ Might De-Transition, Biographer Says

Caitlyn Jenner, who announced her transition from man to woman last year, has considered de-transitioning, the author of a new book about the Kardashian family told TheWrap on Wednesday.

Ian Halperin, the author of “Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family,” said that, while researching his book, multiple sources told him that the former Olympian had been miserable for months and has considered transitioning back to a man.

“One source confirmed to me Caitlyn has made whispers of ‘sex change regret,’ hinting she might go back to being Bruce Jenner, it hasn’t been easy for Caitlyn, it’s been very hard,” Ian Halperin, speaking to The Wrap, recalls one source telling him

It hasn’t been easy for Caitlyn, it’s been very hard? WTF?

Did he take viagra instead of testosterone suppressants then?


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After 19 years marriage a Belgian discovered his wife was a man

The man, only named as Jan, married Monica, his family’s former au pair in in 1993 despite legal difficulties raised by the Belgian immigration authorities.
But it was only in recent weeks that he discovered that his wife was a man.

“I feel I’ve been assaulted,” he told the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper.

“I brought her to Belgium. That was not easy. The Belgian courts had serious doubts about the authenticity of her birth and her identity papers, but eventually they accepted it anyway. I thought she was an attractive woman, all woman. She had no male traits.”

Jan, 64, said that he and his wife had decided not to have children because he had two by his previous marriage and she fooled him by pretending to menstruate, using sanitary towels, “to conceal the truth.” Did he not wonder why they used so much tomato ketchup at certain times of the month?

“Even during sex, I never noticed anything,” he said.

What? Not even the tiniest little thing?

You’ll lose your last meal.

Gimme a Y
Gimme and E
Gimme a U
Gimme a C
Gimme an H
Whadda we Got? YEUCH

News from the good ol’ US of A

A Kansas City woman was left sitting in a vinyl recliner for so long that her skin had fused to the chair and she had to be prised out to be taken to a hospital after suffering an apparent stroke, authorities said.

Carol F. Brown’s retard adult son told a court inquest he had left his 74-year-old mother in the chair for five days without helping her get up to use the bathroom because he was honoring her wishes to die in her home. Court records described the woman as a “rotting corpse that was still breathing.”

Mrs Brown later died in hospital.

What do these people use for brains?

Whacky Scientific Survey Of The Week – Guys Are Turned On By Girl on Girl Action

One of the themes we like to return to here at Boggart Blog is the way tapayers money is waster on utterly pointless scientific research.

From the Whacky Science Study Of The Week dept:

This week’s gobsmackingly obvious scientific revelation concerns men’s attitudes to leasbianism,

Science Daily, a US online newspaper devoted to reporting scientific research carried this story earlier in the week.

“Men are more than twice as likely to continue dating a girlfriend who has cheated on them with another woman than one who has cheated with another man, according to new research from a University of Texas at Austin psychologist.
Women show the opposite pattern. They are more likely to continue dating a man who has had a heterosexual affair than one who has had a homosexual affair. The study, published last month in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, provides new insight into …” Full Report Men Like Girlfriends Who Sleep With Other Girls

Nobody would have guessed any of this if it had not been scientifically studied of course.

The one study I would love to see has still not been done. It would aim to tell us just how big a rocket up their arse would it take to get academics to do something useful to the real world.

Frenchwoman wins understatement of the Millennium prize

An anonymous Frechwoman has won the Understatement Of The Millenium Prize for her comment on the story of an 80-year-old Frenchman who was yesterday (July 31) recovering but in a state of shock in hospital, after being freed from a year locked in a laundry room by a wife half his age and her alleged lover.

A judicial source told reporters the man was conscious and lucid in hospital but did not yet want to speak to anyone.

“The victim suffered violence and ill-treatment,” local gendarme commander Bruno Arviset told journalists. “The man ate twice a day, mostly pastries that were past their sell-by date.”

His wife, 45, was jailed on Saturday pending trial after being charged with the crome of physical abuse, illegal detention and taking advantage of a vulnerable person, a judicial source said.

Her alleged lover and her son have been released on bail after being charged with complicity with kidnapping and failing to report the abuse. (Well as they were responsible for it they would, wouldn’t they?)

Prosecutors said that police were alerted by one of the wife’s young children who has now been taken into care by social services.

The sleepy village’s inhabitants acknowledged they knew the couple.

“The woman was very strange,” a female neighbour who asked not to be named, told Boggart Blog.

We immediately entered that for the Understatement of the millenium competition and it was at once declare the winner even though there are 990 years to run.

(full story)

In Appreciation Of Older Mothers

A doumentary on lateish last night looked at the trend for women way past the menopause to have babies by means of IVF.

I can’t say I have ever been wildly enthusiastic about this being a great believer in letting nature take its course. Having watched the show however I can see there is a lot to be said in favour of motherhood for women having babies in their late fifties or even sixties.

The programme showed an affluent businesswoman aged sixty-one breast feeding. When the office phone rang she was able to put her baby on the floor, pick up the phone and a notepad and deal with the call without interrupting the child’s feed.

There’s a positive side to everything.

Rubber Baby Syndrome

Ello ello ello, looking for business are we?

The best unreported news story of the week is the case of the policewoman prostitute. This is not a story of an attractive female police office going undercover in stiletto heels and a micro-mini skirt to bring a pimp to justice. Oh no, this is a plain and simple instance of a police officer on active service with Northumbria Police Force moonlighting as a Lady Of The Night.

The officer, whose name is Victoria walked the streets of Newcastle by day on patrol and patrolled them by night looking for punters.

You would think, would you not, that a policewoman would be aware it is not a crime to sell sex, only to solicit customers in a public place. Therefore it would be reasonable to hope Victoria would have had the nous to work from a room above an Estate Agents office, advertising in the “Personal Services” column of the local free sheet, “Discreet Lady offers an arresting experience for discerning gentlemen. Handcuffs optional.”

Instead she chose to be a streetwalker, a situation in which she was certain to be seen by colleagues in the force. Perhaps it was the danger rather than the £100 an hour that turned her on.

We can only speculate as to Victoria’s modus operandi:

Man walking through Newcastle city centre carrying a box under his arm but otherwise minding his own business.

WPC Hooker:
Ello, ello, ello, what ’av we ’ere then? Do you mind telling be what you’ve got under your arm?


WPC Hooker:
Ho ho ho, very droll sir. Now tell me what’s in the box or you’re nicked.

I’ve done nothing wrong.

WPC Hooker:
Everybody has done something wrong. Now tell me what’s in the box.

That’s my business.

WPC Hooker:
Talking of business sir, are you by any chance looking for business? Fancy a good time big boy? Want to take a trip up the Tyne Valley? £100 for an hour. Or I can nick you for carrying a box in a suspicious manner.

Hundred quid you say? And do you wear your uniform throughout?

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